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Donating To Charity The Makobi Scribe RAZ Experience

I cannot tell you how blessed I feel to be able to be a part of making someone else’s Christmas bright. I have been sad this year because my husband will be on the road over Christmas so my children and I will celebrate without him. This is the first, and hopefully last year we will have to do this. BUT, on an extremely happier note, it truly brightened my spirits to see how happy you can make another person , and in turn how happy this makes you, by the simple act of giving.

Many times a Christmas there are families who are in a more difficult situation than I, for example the first family below. The mother came from Cuba two years ago to get herself established hoping to later bring her family (her husband and two daughters) over to the States. As you can imagine, time passed by and two years later, she was finally able to bring her family. She had not seen them in TWO years! Then spending everything they had to bring them here, they did not have much for Christmas. Now, I imagine having the family together made their Christmas, but, Makobi Scribe was in a position to bring a little more joy to the two little girls thanks to the RAZ experience. Every year there is a community service program sponsored by Cepia, LLC the makers of ZhuZhu Pets®, Xia-Xia™ and DaGeDar™ which reaches out to bloggers to provide presents locally to the kids in their town. They were so excited with the Zhu Zhu Pets and accessories. I gave each girl a complete set, and they had so much fun! When they came over here, they brought a suitcase full of clothes and that is it. No toys. Look at them sitting in the mess of paper! It was such a sight to see! They were really funny.  Each package they got, they unwrapped, pulled out all the parts and went to the next one. When they put the toys all together to make the tunnels, we had to search for the instructions to find what went to what.

The next place Makobi Scribe donated to was in conjunction with Abby Services. Meredith is one of my writers, and she works at the Children’s Hospital locally. He husband, Scott, runs Abby Services, and they go in and decorate cards with the kids. This year Makobi Scribe joined them and provided the presents from RAZ (Random acts of Zhu). Many of these kids have been in the hospital for quite sometime, and their spirits are dampened. Imagine their surprise when they turned the corner and saw this:

Scott says that one boy in particular was on contact precautions and was confined to his room with an elevated temperature. When he went in to see him,  it was obvious he was not in a good place. He was so excited to receive a gift. Here are some more pictures of the kids at the Children’s Hospital. A lot of them were not able to have their pictures takes due to the privacy issues and HIPPA laws.

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