rubenesqueSince the beginning of time, women have been judged on their weight. Today the media has helped deem the ultra-skinny, waif-like body shape as the ideal woman. Whereas in the 1800, the very same gal would have been considered poor and unworthy.

[quote cite=’Kendall, 1999′ align=’right’]Until the early 1900’s, for a woman to have extra weight on her body and look voluptuous was a sign of good health and wealth.[/quote]

At least the judgments made in an earlier time were based on a fact of life instead of a Hollywood-made paradigm. Women do not stay the same shape our whole lives; we aren’t meant to. Our hips are supposed to expand to allow for an easier time during childbirth, so naturally they will expand as a woman ages.

Now if you are a size 10, many women are considered to be headed towards obesity. Yes, the United States is known for over-eating and obscene portion control sizes, but whether you are in desperate need of a cheeseburger or have a few extra pounds to love, don’t you feel you should be judged on your what you can do instead of what you look like?
Heck, Marilyn Monroe was a size 14. She was a very talented, smart iconic actress many a boy had pinned in their rooms. No one thought she was lazy, unequipped, slow or dull-witted.

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Why is it now-a-days a gal is judged by how much she weighs instead of what she can do? I would rather be judged on my musical talent, my intelligence or the fact I still climb trees. Who cares how much I weigh unless we are in an elevator with a strict weight limit & we are nearing the limit!

What do you wish people would ‘weigh’ you on besides your weight?

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  1. All I know is I was just in spain and France and all those women where pretty slim. I’m not a small women but they were pretty beautiful. I’m not happy with my weight but I don’t feel some one shaming me.

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