Share the Softness with kleenex

Remember my post last month where I was talking about Sharing the softness? Kleenex Cares About More Than Your Runny Nose. I was telling you about a really thoughtful program that Kleenex was sponsoring. For every Kleenex Brand Care Pack you buy, you can redeem a special code and send another pack to someone for free! It is called the Softness Worth Sharing initiative.

We all know what comes with the turn of the seasons! Yup, colds and the flu. As a matter of fact, my whole family has just been blessed with a case of the runny noses and sniffles. This is really sad for my middle son, Jakobi. He is very particular about getting messy. He does not like even the slightest drop of snot to come out of his nose, so he is incessantly wiping it. Poor baby! If we did not use Kleenex, he would for sure look like Rudolph. My son carries tissue with him back and forth to school and even has a pack by his bed. He has them stashed all over the house so his little brother would not take any. I knew he would be the perfect candidate for sharing the softness.

Kleenex Cares

I sure was right. Even though, he had a cold, his eyes lit up when I presented him with the box. You would have thought I gave him a puppy when he saw the individually wrapped packs of tissues and his own sanitizer. When I saw how much he loved that gift, I purchased some Halloween stickers and a multi-pack of personal Kleenex tissues. I put the stickers on the tissues and snuck them in his backpack for school. He was so happy, he mentioned it right away when I picked him up from school.

This Halloween, I know I will have a pack of Kleenex to keep the kids noses clean. We are planning on going to the Bahamas for a cruise, so I hope that he will stay healthy! I know the sanitizer in the care pack will sure help. When you are handing out your candy this year, sharing your treats, Remember your Kleenex! If you know someone who needs some extra loving care, make sure to share the softness. You can learn more about Kleenex on their Facebook page.

I wrote this review while participating in an ambassador program by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of the Kleenexbrand and received product samples and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.