iPad game with DoraMy kids had such a blast playing “Backpack” which is what they call it. Even Mason who is only 2.5 gets the game. They take turns (mostly) and have even picked up a few words in Spanish! Jakobi wants to bring the game to show in tell. Do you think I should let him?

Dora Lets Play Backpack

Dora Let’s Play Backpack by Discovery Bay Games is a great game for age 3 and above.  It is an easy-to-learn, app-supported game for your iPad.  So if you have little ones who know a little bit about an iPad then this will be a fun adventure for them. This application features games such as matching, listening and logic skills, as well as Spanish language, inspired by Nickelodeon’s hit animated preschool series, Dora the Explorer. Each game includes four adventures:

  • Let’s Listen:  A sound is made and your preschooler must guess which object/animal made that sound. Dora provides the verbal answer in English, then Spanish and Backpack opens up to drop the tokens if you are correct!  Subjects covered: Farm, Music Class, City
  • Let’s Pack:  Asks what item you would need in each scenario. Once you give your answer, Backpack responds to provide immediate feedback and Dora says the answer in English, then Spanish.  Subjects covered: Beach, Camping, and School supplies
  • Let’s Match:  Questions asked are: What Goes on It?What Goes in It?, and Let’s find the Animal Homes. Dora gives the answer in English, then repeats in Spanish.
  • Say It Two Ways:  Dora asks you to identify an object, but gives only the Spanish word. If they are correct, the tokens will drop into Backpack.  Subjects covered: Super Sleepover, Garden, Fiesta
Dora Backpack game for iPad

Accessory for iPad

The backpack is a great accessory for iPad.  In each adventure, players are presented with two choices that show up on the iPad screen. Players then place tokens on the corresponding spot on the backpack accessory to match their answer. The top of the backpack accessory will spin and collect tokens for each correct answer – no need for scorekeeping or counting.

You can access this game free by going to the App store and downloading it for free.  The DuoPowered backpack heightens the experience by allowing the interaction with the backpack and immediate feedback.  It can be found on Amazon for $39.99. Dora is a great encouragement as kids learn new skills. It’s always fun to play and learn with Dora!