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When I select the clothes I am packing to travel, I select the ones which fit my body type the best of course. I am usually getting photos for a blog post or social media, so I want to look my best. When you feel good about how you look, it is easy to relax, socialize, and worry about the important things in life like having fun!

how to measure your bust

Steps To Dress Right For Your Body Type

  1. Take Measurements: Monroe and Main sent me a measuring tape kit in order to take my measurements. I used their guide for taking your measurements an recorded these four.
    • [accordion title=’Bust (See how I got 38)’]You are supposed to stand up straight and relax your shoulders in order to take this measurement accurately. Using the Monroe and Main tape measure was extremely helpful since it closed the circle. Otherwise, I would not be able to hold the tape measure and get an accurate reading. Measure around the fullest part of your chest.[/accordion]
    • [accordion title=’Waist (see how I got 31.5)’]Don’t suck in. I know I do not walk around all day with my belly sucked in. I want my clothes to fit me the way I am normally, not some imaginary sucked in version of me. Bend to one side and find where you crease. Wrap that area and bring the measuring tape to a close at your belly button.[/accordion]
    • [accordion title=’Hips (see how I got 39)’]Make sure your feet are shoulder-width apart, and take the measurement at the widest point of your hips.[/accordion]
  2. Identify Your Body Type: Once you have your measurements, it is fairly easy to figure out which body type you have. Explanations of the body types are below. It’s good to know what your type is, so you can shop accordingly to get the best fit possible.
    • [accordion title=’Hourglass’]hourglass shapeThis body type has a smaller waistline than the hips and the chest which are similar in size. I am an hourglass which is amusing to me because I always thought I was a pear (or triangle) shape.[/accordion]
    • [accordion title=’Rectangle’]All three measurements are similar[/accordion]
    • [accordion title=’Triangle’]Hips are the largest measurement with the chest being the smallest.[/accordion]
    • [accordion title=’Inverted Triangle’]The bust is the largest tapering toward the hips[/accordion]
    • [accordion title=’Oval’]This body type has a larger waist than the hips and shoulders[/accordion]
  3. Shapewear: Now you know your body type, it is easy to help accentuate or hide your features to give the best look possible. Since my hips are a tad larger than my chest, wearing shapewear will help trim that extra inch to attain that perfect hourglass. I chose the shapewear shorts for light control in my hips.
  4. Dressing Your Body Type: Since I am an hourglass, I can highlight my curves with all over prints and bold colors or downplay them with darker neutrals. You can find out about dressing your shape at Monroe and Main. I found two great outfits which are multi-functional. Since I travel so often, finding a garment that can double as another is a super score. The black dress I am wearing is the Convertible Diva Dress ($79) and can be worn several ways. The Ikat Print Skirt ($69) can be worn as a dress or a skirt. Every time I wear it, I am complemented.

monroe and main ikat skirt
Monroe-and-Main-Shapewear-Blog-or-Instagram-square-565-x-565-I am excited to have found such comfortable, versatile clothes that fit me from Monroe and Main. You can too! Just follow Monroe and Main on all of their social media channels: TwitterFacebookGoogle Plus, and Pinterest. They love to interact, so reach out and say hi! I know you cannot wait to get started creating your outfit from Monroe and Main. You can begin by entering to win a giveaway for the “How to Dress Your Body Type Kit” which will include the Monroe and Main measuring tape and a $185 Monroe and Main shopping spree for shapewear and an outfit. US only.  Each blogger on the linky below is hosting their own giveaway as well, so visit each one to increase your chances.
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  1. I learned that I am probably a rectangle but close to an hourglass. I do believe that garments with belts or a-line dresses do help to define a waist for me.

  2. I learned that I apparently don’t know my shape. I thought I could just look at the pics and tell what it was, but I’m going to have to measure instead.

  3. “It’s a good idea to take your measurements every few months anyway”

    Sigh. Ain’t that the truth.

  4. I learned my Wife may not fit into any of the categories but she is still perfect the way she is

  5. I learned that if you have a rectangle shape, you should wear belted outfits and A-line dresses that define a waist.

  6. I learned that to downplay the curves of an hour glass type, you can wear monochromatic outfits.

  7. It is really hard not to suck it in when taking measurments but I too want to be comfortable

  8. I learned that my body doesn’t fit in any of the 3 types but is a combo of the 2! LOL

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