text message while driving

Isn’t it amazing how when we get behind the wheel of a car, we go on auto-pilot. Of all the places in the world, being behind a 4,000 pound vehicle is one you should pretty much NOT be on auto-pilot.  Although I’ve been compensated for my post, the thoughts and ideas are my own.. Although I have been compensated for this post, I am a true believer because I am just as guilty as most people and perhaps even a little more. I have arrived at the kids school and wonder why I drove there since my intention was to drive to the bank. I have passed my exit on the interstate sometimes by 3 or 4 exits because I was too busy chatting up my mom. I have been honked at while stopped at the green light because I was texting while it as red. I have also been in 13 car accidents and a TRAIN WRECK! I actually hit a train at the third car because I DID NOT SEE IT! I was changing my radio station and when I glanced up, there was a BIG OL’ TRAIN! ACK!

Beware of trains

Now I am older, a mom of a college-aged boy and two grade-school boys, and after seeing firsthand how expensive irresponsible behavior can be, I realize the many merits of driving safer. Progressive does too and even created a day for it!

Drive Safe Today Day is an event that shows Progressive’s human side — an observable pursuit outside of providing innovative insurance. The purpose is to affect driving behavior and make the roads a little safer for everyone.
Drive Safe Logo
Manifesto: What if for just one day, drivers across the country banded together and made an effort to drive just a little better? How great could the effect be? How many accidents would be prevented? How many middle fingers would stay holstered? How many days would be brightened?

Cleverly, Progressive chose 9/3 to represent the safe driving hand positions at 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock. I hope you will join me on Drive Safe Today Day. It is only one day to think about, and we know it is easier to concentrate on one thing at a time instead of forever!

How do you do this? What do you do on Drive Safe Today Day?

Drive safer. Go Figure!

I even gave you 10 starter tips on how to drive safer to get you started below.

10 Tips to Drive Safe


10 Ways To Drive Safe

  1. Do not text in the car
  2. Drive the speed limit
  3. Put your hands at 9 and 3
  4. Obey the traffic signals
  5. Drive defensively
  6. Make sure you are 2 car lengths behind the car in front of you
  7. Do not play with the radio while driving
  8. No makeup touch ups in the car!
  9. Use turn signals and headlights
  10. Wear your seat belt

So take the pledge, make a checklist and tell all your friends. On 9-3, thousands will put their hands on nine and three and drive on their best behavior. And hey, the nation’s fairest, most forward-thinking insurance provider, Progressive, had the right idea! Join me in taking the pledge to drive safer on September 3 and put your hands at 9 and 3! If everyone can drive safer on one particular day, I bet we can all try to drive a little safer every day after that!

Take the pledge & tell me, what will you do to drive safer on 9/3?

I’ve teamed up with Progressive for their Drive Safe Today Day initiative. Although I’ve been compensated for my post, the thoughts and ideas are my own.