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Five Must Have DSLR Camera Accessories

It is so funny to go back and look at some of the pictures I took when I first started writing for the blog. Some of them were awful! I have always been a huge photography nut, but I have never had a nice camera. I have always had just a small, inexpensive point and shoot camera for personal use. Now that I have learned to take better pictures, it has made me want to get a better camera. I finally got a nice DSLR camera about a year ago and have taken a few photography classes. I have been adding to my list of accessories over the last few months and here are the items I felt I needed most:

5 Accessories You Need For Your DSLR Camera

  1. Camera Case: The first thing I bought when I got my Canon DSLR, was to buy a nice camera case. I wanted to make sure my camera was protected and I had something I could easily carry it around in. I also wanted something stylish, which I felt was important as I carry my bag almost everywhere I go.
  2. Memory: The next thing I had to get was a memory card for my camera. If you have DSLR camera, you cannot take too many pictures unless you have a memory card. I have one that is 32 gb and it cost me less than $25.
  3. Extra Lens: I have found I needed a lens to take photos from far away, so I wanted to get a decent zoom lens. I got a 75-300, but would also like to get one that with a larger aperture for indoor shooting.
  4. Tripod: Because I take a lot of still shots, especially of food, I found I needed a tripod. This is really the only way to get the perfect shot.
  5. Camera Carrier: As I have begun to travel a lot with my camera, I needed to find a cover for my camera instead of the carrying case I use for local shoots. The perfect camera carrier for me which is multi-purpose and super cute, is the Miggo.

Have you ever owned something that after using it, you wondered how you ever lived without it? That is how I feel about my little friend, the Miggo, one of my new favorite DSLR camera accessories. This amazingly innovative camera carrier is lightweight, attractive and is made from high quality Neoprene and Lycra. Now this material is not only protective but it helps keep the moisture away from the camera as well. We visited a local amusement park and got on the water ride and I wanted to get some up close action shots. I was totally comfortable taking my camera because I knew this combination of materials would keep the camera protected, even if some water came my way. Low and behold, I got some great action shots and the camera was dry as a bone!

I have the Grip and Wrap, which wraps around your wrist to keep the camera from dropping, in the silver/gray and white Pebble Rd. After I was done taking my pictures, I just wrapped my Miggo around my camera and slipped it into my backpack. It totally protects it from scratches as well as impact. You can wear it on your left or right hand, can fit on just about any small to medium DSLR cameras which has the short to medium lens. Its Nickel coated Steel screw connects to your camera where your tripod would fit and stays on nice and secure.

The flexible pocket can carry your lens cap when not in use and the adjustable cord ensures you will have the perfect fit for your wrist. The convenient handle helps carrying the Grip when closed a breeze. I am totally in love with my Miggo and would never leave the house without it. We have been to a water park, an amusement park, a birthday party and will be heading out again next weekend for more outdoor fun. You can rest assured if you see me and my camera, you will see my Miggo as well! The Miggo comes in 7 different colors/designs and you can pre-order the Grip and Wrap for $40 and the other style, the Strap and Wrap, which will sell for $50. Be sure to also follow Miggo on Twitter.

Here is a short video to show you how easy the Miggo is to carry and use!

What is one of your must have DSLR camera accessories?


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