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Ducky Dynasty Fan? Top Hunting Themed Bedroom Decor Ideas

We have a bit of an anomaly when it comes to the things Henry likes. Henry tends to be obsessed over things he has never actually experienced. Our doctor said it is a common trait in kids with autism, but Caitlin said it is just because he is weird! For instance, he was completely obsessed with Spiderman for almost 5 years without ever reading a single comic book or seeing one cartoon on television. Now he is addicted to anything to do with hunting or the military. He has never been on nor will he probably ever go on a hunting, fishing or similar adventure. We do not have anyone in the immediate family who is in the military and my brothers have been out of the service for years. Nevertheless, Henry wants his room to have a hunting theme. In getting inspired, I looked for some cute ideas and here is what I found.

Hunting Themed Bedroom Decor

  • Recycle Equipment: If you have hunting items you can safely recycle, they make a unique decorative item. For instance, you can re-purpose an old fishing pole and use it as a picture hanger.
  • Bedding: This is one of the easiest things you can do in your boys bedroom. You can find a ton of camouflage bedding with matching accessories. We found a comforter, pillow shams, a rug and curtains with the popular pattern.
  • Faux Mounted Animals: A new and very cute trend is to hang mounted cardboard animal heads. They are really cute and if you are like me and prefer not to have the real thing, this makes the prefect volition.
  • Wall Decals: Bring the outdoors in and use decals of realization trees, foliage and animals for the walls.
  • Moose Heads: One of the most popular animals you will find on a wall is a moose. Instead of the real thing, how about an adorable wooden moose clock from Modern Moose?

To go with Henry’s hunting and camouflage theme in his bedroom, I wanted to find a clock that would work on both ends. With the 3D Moose Clock, which retails for $38, from Modern Moose, I get both! The colors are exactly the same as Henry has in his bedroom and it is a moose ya’ll! This is most stinkingly cute clock I have every seen and it is VERY well made. This is not a clock for sissies, but is a clock you will keep forever and love it for that long. They have so many amazing choices at Modern Moose, you are sure to find something you love from the 3D or pendulum clocks or their 3D wall art. They have clocks kids as well as adults will treasure and they are so affordable! If you are looking for a unique item to decorate your home, office or hunting cabin, the stuff from Modern Moose is perfect! Be sure to stay current with the latest from and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. Such pretty stones, love the rings! I especially want the Twilight ring in silver, reminds me of a regal royal stamp!

  2. My favorite item is the Hooty Wall art that costs $44.

    (From the Baroni link, I like the Open Oval Earrings.)

  3. I really like the Triad Ring. Thank you for the super giveaway opportunity. Keep up the terrific blogging.

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