Play Together With Your Kids

I love my kids. That is a good way to start a post. They love games. All games, mostly boring games that do not stimulate an adult mind, but we play them anyways because it makes them happy. I love my kids, and I want them to be happy, sometimes at any cost! This being said, when Discovery Bay Games invited me to become a part of their Duo Mom Blog Network – Duo 50 program, I was very excited. I had seen their products at BlogHer ’11, and I even visited the booth a few times (which really means a lot with all the information overload at Blogher). They sent me the  Duo “Play Together Pack,” pictured above of one of their new Duo Games for iPad as well as some other fun goodies that the whole family will enjoy! We pretty much devoured the pop chips while we were playing our first game. The highlights magazines are a family favorite and great for pre-bed activites for wind down and family togetherness.

play together

See that, “Play Together, Not Apart.” That is the first thing that grabbed me when I visited their site. Playing with my kids is important to me, and having a game we all like to play is just as important because I think kids can tell when you are truly enjoying what you are doing, and when you are just going through the motions. Duo Pop works with a few applications on the iPad and iPad2, but our family favorite is the Highlights find the picture. You can download the applications through iTunes. You get a few free puzzles to start your game with and can play unlimited times. Even my youngest, Mason, at 20 months, enjoys this game and goes around saying, “iPad, iPad” when he wants to play. We all take a controller and “pop” the button when it highlights the picture. Even Daddy can play from his armchair while we are sprawled out on the floor. After you master the free games, you have an option to sign up for a few free others. Then, you can purchase 10 more for $1.99 and then 10 more for another $1.99.  You can purchase Duo Pop for $39.99. You can find Discovery Bay Games on Twitter and Facebook.

Confession: I play this game by myself and I ordered all of the extra games way before the kids needed them cause I am a puzzle lover and an over-achiever.