Earbuds For Working Out

When you make the decision to work out, you need to commit to your choice. Many of us make a New Year’s resolution to lose weight and exercise and after a few weeks, we fall off the wagon. I know this is exactly what has happened to me this year. One of the reasons my workout plan failed was I did not set my self up for success. I should have had a buddy who could keep me accountable and I could do the same for them. My daughter is turning 16 soon and she came to me with a concern about her weight. She asked me if the “Freshman 15” was for high school or college. When I told her it was college, she was so disappointed because she gained about that in her first year of high school. Caitlin and I decided to work out together and gathered our tools for success. One thing we both agree on is the need for upbeat music to listen to when we are exercising. She prefers headphones but I prefer earbuds, so we were at a crossroads as to which where better for your exercise routine. Here is my list of reasons why earbuds are the way to go:

Are Earbuds Better For Working Out pin

Are Earbuds Better For Working Out

  1. They Are Lightweight: There is nothing worse than exercising with a pair of heavy headphones on your head. Yikes, they give me a headache!
  2. They Stay In: Unlike over the head style headphones, earbuds actually stay in your ear when you work out.
  3. They Are Compact: I love that I can take my earbuds and slip them into my gym bag when I am ready to go.
  4. They Are Affordable: Earbuds can cost up to 1/8 the price of over the head headphones.


When it comes to the perfect pair of earbuds for working out, it had to be the FitActive® Run from iLuv. Now, I am already a fan of the iLuv products, so these amazing earbuds were the latest in a line of products I have enjoyed from iLuv. I love that I can take my music wherever I go, be it the gym, the park or when I am sitting here working. They have a built in mic and remote, so if I get a call, I can easily answer it and control my music as well. While I am on the treadmill or the circuit, I can change tracks or search for a favorite tune seamlessly. They fit so well in my ears I have no fear of them falling out when I am exercising.

The FitActive® Run is compatible with my Samsung phone as well as Caitlin’s iPhone. It is made to adapt to any of your Android or IOS mobile device. Because I love music so much, I am a bit of a snob when it comes to sound. I hate to get a pair of headphones or earbuds and the sound quality stinks. I mean, what is the point, right!? With the FitActive® Run from iLuv, I get richly superior stereo sound. Now I can rock out no matter where I am or what I am doing! You can purchase the FitActive® Run earbuds for just $15 from the iLuv website and they come in black, red and white. Be sure to follow iLuv on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. One USA reader will win a pair of iLuv FitActive earbuds ARV $15.

Which do you prefer? Earbuds or over the headphones and why?