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Did you know that studies how that on average, every American who has 1 electronic device has 1 additional item. If you have a teen in your home, they have a minimum of 2 devices, but many have at least 3. So, in my home, that means we have between 6-8 devices, which is right on the money! My husband, myself and my teen daughter each have a smartphone and an MP3 player. My son also has an MP3 player and we share a tablet. That comes to a grand and predicted total of 8 devices! To say that we have a chaotic mix of cords all over the house is an understatement! Many times, we end up reaching for a cord to charge something, only to find we have grabbed the wrong cord. I was beginning to think we may strangle on all of these cords until Juicies came to the rescue!

Easily Organize Your Charging Cords

Easily Organize Your Charging Cords

I am sure you must have a picture by now that my home is filled with wires that are coming out of the windows like a hearty plant! It is not that bad; I just have a flair for the dramatic! But, we do have a lot of cords and I needed an idea to easily organize your charging cords. I had thought about tagging them like my sister did, but the stickers ended getting crumbled and faded, With the Juicies colored cords, you can easily organize your charging cords and identify whose cords are whose at one glance!

Hailing from the gorgeous city of Honolulu, Laurens Laudowicz brought color to world of cables. When I think of Hawaii, I think of the magnificently colored flowers, so the Juicies line made so much sense to me! When you are surrounded by color, the natural progression would be to surround others with the same! You can find 3 types of cords from Juicies: one for your Apple products, one for your Micro connectors (like my Samsung smart phone and a USB extension. We LOVE our Juicies! Caitlin has the red cable for her iPhone, I use the purple cord for my Samsung and the yellow for our USB extension. Now it is a no brainer to easily see whose cord is whose and we do not grab for the wrong corn any longer! So clever. You can purchase the Juicies cords in 10 different colors for $19 each from their website.

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