fathers day craft for toddlers

Easy Fathers Day Craft For Toddlers

If you are looking for an easy Father’s Day craft for toddlers to do, Nickelodeon Floam is perfect to create all sorts of masterpieces sure to delight any Dad. Shown above is a super easy #1 Dad Pencil or Pen Holder, but it looks more like a coolie to me. All you need to make the pencil holder is the following materials:

  • 1.5 liter bottle
  • Tape
  • 3 colors of Floam
  • Child-safe scissors
  • Rolling Pin
  1. Have an adult cut the water bottle around 4’5″ from the base and throw away the top.
  2. Tape the edges of the plastic at the top of the bottle
  3. Roll out your Floam for the base into a rectangle large enough to cover the bottle
  4. wrap the Floam around the bottle pinching the top edges together.
  5. Trim excess Floam with scissors.
  6. Roll out a thin strip of Floam for the trim at the top.
  7. Flatten out more Floam and cut letters & designs to personalize your Dad’s Pencil holder.

What is really neat about the Nickelodeon Floam is that you can use it again and again or you can set it out over night to harden and dry. My kids flattened out some inside of a Frisbee and made a self portrait just for Dad. It looks just like him right?

fathers day craft preschoolers

Jakobi and Mason had such a good time pulling and squishing. Look at my two-year old deep in concentration. It can be a little sticky at first so you have to thoroughly mix the compound. Don’t worry though you only have to do this with the first use. It is made with magic micro beads that even though look really sticky are a breeze to clean up. This reusable molding compound kept my kids busy for  at least 90 minutes!

fathers day craft kids

Kids can mold, fold, squish and roll Nickelodeon Floam into any creation they can imagine. The possibilities are endless – the texturized, re-useable molding compound can be used to create free-form playtime sculptures or molded into permanent works of art.   Available in six eye-catching colors, Floam is non-toxic, phthalate-, latex- and BPA-free.

You can purchase a starter pack of 4 double sized tubs of Floam with 4 molds and a project guide for only $19.95 at Floam.com.