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Easy Halloween Lollipop Crafts For Preschool Kids

Easy Halloween Lollipop Crafts For Preschool Kids

My kids are lollipop freaks! Every time they have a chance to get a treat, they are always asking for a lollipop. So of course at the time of year that is known for candy, we had to do a lollipop craft.

Materials Needed

Instructions for Ghost: Wrap the lollipop in a tissue, then tie the neck closed with a pipe cleaner. Add eyes with the Glue.

Instructions for Mummy Monster: Wrap the lollipop with colored yarn and tie closed at the bottom. Add eyes with the Glue.

Instructions for the Scary Spider: Cut each pipe cleaner in half and wrap around the stick of the lollipop to form legs. Glue eyes on and add a pompom for the body.


Candy is what kids WISH was for dinner. If it were up to them, they would have chocolate for breakfast, cookies for lunch, and an ice cream sundae for dinner. In a child’s mind, it is the most important food group with healthy items at the very bottom of the pyramid. As a parent, you cringe every time they ask you for candy with those doe eyes, which soon turns into rage when you deny them the sweet decadence. Now that Halloween is right around the corner, the pleas for candy is becoming more frequent. If we were able to let them have that yummy candy they crave every time they begged for it, we would. With all of the sugar (perfect for cavities to hibernate) and artificial ingredients (not healthy for anyone) that is just not possible. You want to feed your family with the healthier alternatives, but still be able to celebrate the fun Halloween holiday. A company called, YumEarth, did just that.

YumEarth is the #1 organic candy company in the US and is internationally sold in over 40 countries. They were able to come up with a great line of all-natural and organic candy that gives every family the chance to enjoy yummy treats without the worry of all those unwholesome ingredients in most candy products on the market. All of their organic candies are made with real fruit juice, no artificial color of flavors, and they even left out those common allergens like gluten and soy. Now the whole family can partake in the candy eating festivities. They are so delicious and healthy that even some awesome celebs like Rachael Ray and Kate Hudson are getting in the YumEarth craze! Are you on a budget? That is a-okay because they offer affordable choices like their Halloween Gummy Bears (8.8oz -2o snack pack bags)  and their Halloween Lollipops  (8.5 oz bag with 40+ pops) for only $7.99. Go check out YumEarth to learn more about all of the other candies they offer. You can even follow them on Twitter or Facebook.

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  2. I love the spider one and am going to get the supplies this weekend. Fun, Fun, Fun. Will be great with the YUMEARTH Lolliops.

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