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Easy To Make Christmas Tablescape For The Holidays

This post brought to you by Dollar General. All opinions are 100% mine.

Guess where I was when I took that picture? Yep! Dollar General. I was looking for ideas to create a tablescape, and they just built a Dollar General in my neighborhood. It is literally less than a block away! So…I bought a table…(shhh…don’t tell the husband, but it was only $12 so I couldn’t afford NOT TO BUY IT..right?) Anyways, I needed a table to decorate, and all is good for the sake of the blog I always say!

Look at the beautiful Christmas tablescape I made for our entry way. I made it 100% entirely from the Dollar General Holiday décor. You can make one too!

Materials Needed

  • Circular Table
  • 3 bags of green glass beads
  • 1 red circular placemat
  • 1 two-pack of doilies
  • Floral decorations
  • Jingle bow
  • Plants

Here is my $12 table from Dollar General. It said easy assembly on the box, so I believed them. I put it together in about 5 minutes with no screws. Actually, Jakobi did all the twisting and I just went behind him and did the tightening. See, so easy a 5-year-old could do it! They say Dollar General is the ideal place to get your Holiday decor needs. (I just went there four days ago to get ornaments for me tree and the star that is on top of it. My son said we needed a star and not my angel this year). I found that many of the traditional decor I found on the shelves at Dollar General has lower prices than most other stores. I was able to get the entire decor for this table (including the table) for $3o!

I purchased a glass vase which you can find in the floral aisle along with some of the green glass beads. I got the circular red placemat and the doilies from the linen aisle. I put the doilies on the two tiers below the top one.

Jakobi, my trusty assistant, poured in the green beads (just one bag), then we placed the holiday floral item in I got from the holiday section.


We added in the rest of the glass beads, and then I tied on this cute Jingle Bells bow! I found this in the Holiday aisle too for $3.50! I love the glitter!!

I added this little butterfly floral pick shown below (cause we know I love the butterflies) for only $1! Totally cute, and it brings out the placemat!

I have been on a huge plant kick lately, so I am using the bottom two tiers for the Christmas cactus I just received as a gift! I can change this table as the seasons change so easily for just a few dollars. I am really excited to see what I will do next. Dollar General…here I come!

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