Karina Dresses

It can be hard sometimes for women to find easy to wear dresses. All women come in many different shapes and sizes and can be challenging to find “the perfect fit” for pretty much everything out there. They are either too tall, too short, too big here, too small there. Fitting is always an issue. It would be a dream come true for any woman to walk in the store and have everything fit perfectly the first time around. It has been known to happen, but those occasions are rare. A dress company called, Karina Dresses, made fit their main focus so that there is a dress to fit every body shape. Every dress is made with limited edition micro-fiber fabric that is breathable and flattering. The fabric will keep women looking fabulous even through pregnancy and are even machine washable. Trips to the dry cleaners are now a thing of the past.  In order to accommodate all women’s taste from 18 to 80, Karina Dresses offers over 12 different styles in an assortment of fun and beautiful patterns. I am pictured above in the Halle. You have seen many of the dresses featured right here on Makobi Scribe throughout my travel and fashion posts: My visit to the Karina StudioThe Karina Dress Love Club, and my dress reviews on the on the DaisyPenelope, Adele and Audrey (print) and hot pink. As you go through the dress posts, you can see my weight fluctuate and all of the dresses still fit. I love how my weight can go up and down and I do not have to keep buying new clothes!

Easy To Wear Dresses

Some fan favorites include the Rita, which is a knee length dress with half sleeves and a medium V neck. Grab a cardigan and a pair of boots and this is winter-ready. It is gathered with a tie at the waist to give any woman a beautiful hour glass figure. They offer six different patterns and colors including a vibrant red and a funky floral print. The Daisy is another fantastic pick and perfect for the summer time with its ruffled sleeves and collar giving full coverage for the more well endowed. These are just a couple of their delightful hand made collection. Karina Dresses launched itself in 2007 with one goal in mind. Building a business around loving oneself and loving others. All of their easy to wear dresses are made locally with love in New Jersey.  This insures that each dress is made with care and perfection. If you purchase now, you can use the code MAKOBISCRIBE30 for $30 off your order.


  1. I have the perfect little white shrug to wear with this summer dress. Just looks so summery and I could wear it quite a bit here in LA.

  2. This dress looks like it would be comfortable for those hot and humid summer months. A sweater or shawl would be perfect to pair with it for cool evenings.

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