Although the actual date is not for a few weeks, summer is here according to the weather! My kids absolutely love being outdoors and they remind me of myself as a kid. I gave my mom such a hard time because I hated to come in after a day of playing outside! She would frequently call us in to make sure we were safe, hydrated and fed. We would usually yell yes to all three questions and take off again! My kids are the same way but things are different now than when I was younger and the kids do not have free reign all over the neighborhood. Because Caitlin has fair skin like myself, she can get burned pretty easily. Sometimes it seems even if I am putting on sunscreen regularly, she can still get burned. I decided to see what the experts recommended about how to protect your kids from the sun and here is what I found:

  • Sunscreen: First of all, if you use anything less than an SPF of 30, it is not helpful. Water, breezes, skin contact and other factors can remove . The second thing you need to know is just because you put on sunscreen does not mean you can let the kids be in the sun the entire time.
  • Shade: Kids need a break from the sun, even if they have sunblock on. Get your kids to come into the shade every hour or so and take a short rest.
  • Hydrate: Kids need to drink a lot of water when they are out in the sun. If they do not drink enough water or sports drinks with electrolytes, they can easily get heat stroke.
  • Timing: You probably know this, but it is a good reminder that you should not be in the sun between 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. This is when the sun is at it’s highest.
  • Clothing: What clothes the kids wear out int he sun is important too. Did you know the sun can get through many fabrics available on the market today? In order to make sure your kids are protected as much as possible, they should be wearing UV protective clothing like the rash guards from Solartex.

Protect Your Kids From The Sun

Protect Your Kids From The Sun

My kids are outside a lot but not necessarily in the sun. Since we do not have access to pools in our neighborhood, they do not swim a lot in the summer. They are outside on the slackline, trampoline, skating or biking, which gives them just as much sun exposure. In my opinion, the one way I can know without a worry they are protected is if they are wearing their rash guards. The products from Solartex are awesome because they give you a good selection of  very well made clothing and other UV protection accessories to protect your kids from the sun. In addition, you can also find hats, sunscreen, swim diapers, clothing for the whole family and so much more. The products from Solartex are endorsed by the Skin Cancer Foundation as well as the National Academy of Dermatology Nurse Practitioners.

We were sent the girl’s cap sleeve rash guard, the boys swim shirt and water shoes for dad. I just love the colorful floral pattern on the girls shirt and it fits like a glove! The fabric is soft and has stretch to it, so they are not going to sweat and get uncomfortable. The boys swim shirt fits as well as the girls shirt and because Henry has a more subdued taste, the simple flower pattern was perfect. He has sensory processing disorder, so he cannot wear a lot of clothing we get. This shirt fits great and he had no issues with irritation whatsoever. (Yes, that is a girl model for his shirt as he got camera shy on me!).  Chris loves his swim shoes, although Henry stole them and has threatened to not give them back! When we do go swimming, it is usually to the lake and the kids must wear their swim shoes. I love how well these shoes are made the the grips on the bottom are awesome. I am thrilled with our products from Solartex and if you need great looking, feeling and effective sun protection products, Solartex is the place to look! You can purchase the girls or boys swim shirt for $25.90, and the men’s water shoes for $19.90 from the Solartex website.

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  1. I love both the reusable & disposable swim diapers. Those would be great for my smallest 3 grandbabies.

  2. I like the sun sleeves. My boyfriend usually drives and always complains about the sun getting on his arms. This would be awesome for him.

  3. I like the Ladies Swim Shirt – Short Sleeve Rash Guard and the Baby Long Sleeve Rash Guard – Swim Shirt Baby Long Sleeve Rash Guard – Swim Shirt

  4. Another of my favorite products is the adult navy swim shoes. I walk on the beach and these shoes are great protection for my feet. Love them! thank you

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  5. I really like the kids water shoes. Particularly, the blue ones for boys. My son lives in those over the summer months.

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