Eating Lean And Green With The Medifast Program
Well, I am starting week 11 with Medifast and I have lost another pound, which brings my total weight loss to 16 pounds.  I am very happy with my progress, especially when I was out of town for a week and have a big cast on my leg.  With my inability to exercise as I wanted to, I am focusing on my food and water intake.  I find myself going back and forth with my love for diet soda and drinking water, which is much healthier for me.  My husband does all of the shopping since I am unable to drive and he is really good about keeping a healthy pantry.  This weekend he brought home diet soda and I was drinking it before I even knew it!!  Back to the flavored water I go!!

Eating Lean And Green

Another way I am helping myself from eating off my plan, is my Lean and Green meals.  When you join Medifast, you eat the program food you choose and for one meal each day, you eat a Lean and Green meal.  I am crazy about chicken, so I can eat it every night as my protein for my Lean and Green meal.  I love salads, and several vegetables, so this has been easy for me to stick to.  Last night I had grilled chicken breast, stir fry vegetables and a salad with fat free dressing.  I have found a delicious Asian ginger dressing that is very low in calories but very high in flavor!  I can eat this with every salad and as a dipping sauce for my protein.  My husband loves to grill out, and as it is a great way to cook for those of us working on a healthy lifestyle.  We will cook on the grill even in the dead of winter!  As a matter of fact, it snowed here this week and we were cooking on the grill as the fat snowflakes were falling around us!

I think what I love most about the Medifast plan is the flexibility I have to make food choices for myself.  If I am going to make a permanent change to eating healthy and losing weight, I need to be able to do this on my own.  If this program were one that you ate 100% program food, how are you expected to be prepared for the “real” world once you complete the program?  I know I would be stuffing my face with all the foods that got me here in the first place!