Bags for Women

I love purses and bags!  That has always been one of my biggest fetishes.  Some people have a problem with shoes, I happen to be in love with bags!   That is one of the reasons I was so excited to be introduced to company that has great bags for women called BagInpiration.  They have the coolest assortment of bags, purses, backpacks, and more, which can really allow a person like me to have a lot of fun!

Eco Friendly Bags

BagInspiration carries all eco friendly bags made out of recycled material, such as such as seat belts, candy wrappers, bike inner tubes, repurposed mosquito netting, plastic bags and more.  The bags are so stylish and fun.  I love the bags that are made out of candy wrappers, one of my favorites is made out of a Snickers bar Wrapper.  The bags made out of the candy bar wrappers are smaller handbags.  Whereas the bags made out of mosquito netting are offered in a wider range of sizes like tote bags for shopping or the pool, down to smaller size like a wallet.

eco friendly bags

I have to say one of my other favorite bags is the Urban Junket Robin Laptop Bag.  This bag has great outside pockets and nicely padded interior as you can see above. In the interior, there is a middle compartment for the laptop then even more pockets on the side for things such as phones, pens, keys & snap off key chain.  There is a wide assortment of colors to choose from: magenta, black, grass, scarlet, indigo, violet, clementine, charcoal, and chocolate.  I really love all the colors, but I would have a hard time choosing between the grass, black and scarlet colors.  It would really depend on my mood that day and if I was feeling more conservative or not!  The exterior of the Urban Junket is made from from eco-friendly coated canvas manufactured with non-toxic dyes, while the lining of the interior is made of fabricated from recycled plastic bottles.

recycled bags

I think the material the bags are made out of is just as unique as the bags themselves.  I really love the idea of getting a functional bag, which is made out of recycled material. One more cool thing I just have to point out – look at this bottom zipper. I use this all the time. I have a tendency to wedge my bag in overhead compartments and squeezed in the trunk of my car. This little zipper at the bottom allows for me to have access to this pocket from the bottom or the top. It was really made to slip over the handle of a suitcase to help lighten your load. So many nifty features! I think this would make a fabulous Back-to-School Gift! You can get a $30 GC to BagInspiration by filling out the GT below.

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  1. I really love the laptop bag. I have a lot of trouble finding one large enough for my computer and this one would do the job. Thanks for the great giveaway…

  2. the butterfly bag, ohh gosh I would feel so styling with a bag like that. and it’s all eco friendly double + good.

  3. Absolutely love the Urban Junket Robin Laptop Bag, and I’d have a tough time choosing betweenblack and the grass which is such a pretty color.

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