Eco Friendly Bamboo Products

Eco Friendly Bamboo Products

If you are trying to go green in your home, buying eco friendly bamboo products is a great way to go.  Bamboo is a great alternative to other, more harmful choices for making home décor products.  You can turn bamboo into fabric, wood, and other typical materials.  With an increase lately of consumers trying to save the planet, buying bamboo is an easy and smart way to do that.  Bamboo is such a versatile product that you can’t go wrong by choosing a plethora of products.

Bambooki is a fantastic online store that carries everything…wait for it….bamboo!!  (Yes, it was an easy laugh, but I had to do it!!).  When you combine bamboo, a sustainable raw material with other materials from our earth, you get incredibly high quality organic products to use for a variety of areas in your home.  With so many companies using bamboo these days, you need to find the best company to buy from.  To make a solid decision about who to buy from, you need to be well informed.  It is trendy these days to go green; so many companies are sprinkling in a few organic products to their inventory to say they are an eco-friendly company.  On the other side of the spectrum is Bambooki, who only makes green products.  When you look at both sides, Bambooki is the clear choice.  Please take a moment to like Bambooki on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

What Can You Use Bamboo For

If you are asking yourself, “What can you use bamboo for”? , I would love to tell you!  Bamboo is one of the most useful natural products on the planet.  You can make hardwood floors, bedding, lamps, kitchenware and a ton more!  To put how many items you can make with bamboo into perspective, I can tell you Bambooki has over 1,000 items in their inventory.  That is a lot ya’ll!!  After much consideration, I finally settled on a really cool lamp to review.  I have been searching for a cool lamp for the living room for a while, so I was happy to have finally settled on one.  I chose the White Sukorn Bamboo table lamp by House of Asia ($112.02).  I love the unusual curve and the weaving of the rattan against the white cotton lining.  The lamp gives off the perfect amount of light, so it is not too dim and not too bright.  The cotton lining softens the light, so it isn’t glaring at you!  I love this lamp so much and it goes so perfectly with my décor.

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  1. My favorite that I just loved is the Impecca USA Custom Hand-Carved Designer Bamboo Mouse. Very unique looking mouse! 😉

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  3. My favorite products (I can never seem to pick just one!) are the Bamboo 54 Burnt Color Bamboo Fruit Tray and the Bamboo Laguna Bar with 4 Bamboo Bar Stools. I love bamboo! I already have some bambo trays and some bamboo tableware (utensilts.)

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