Eco Friendly Batteries

Eco Friendly Batteries

I have recently discovered that Eco friendly batteries are available for consumer use.  I go through a ton of batteries in my house and I know certain types of batteries cannot be recycled.  There are corrosive chemicals in batteries than are harmful and they need to be disposed of properly.  There are some batteries you can dispose of with your regular trash but those containing nickel must be disposed of properly.  I did not know the Lithium batteries I use need special handling.  You may have heard of or seen companies who accept batteries and they in turn recycle them in the appropriate manner.  As my family uses Lithium batteries for many of our electronic devices, I wanted to find a way to be more environmentally responsible with my batteries.

LEI Products has been selling consumer electronic products from their Canadian base since 1988.  In 2011, LEI Electronics, Inc. was named the CES Innovations award nominee in the design and engineering division.  When you choose to purchase a battery from LEI, you are helping keep the CO2 levels in the environment down, which is a huge deal.  As opposed to other leading battery brands, LEI Eco Alkaline batteries have no added Mercury, Lead of Cadmium, which are harmful chemicals.  Whenever possible, LEI uses recycled materials, which makes each battery they produce from 98% recycled materials.  You can learn more about LEI Products by liking them on Facebook and following them on Twitter.

Batteries From Recycled Materials

When LEI promises they make batteries from recycled materials, they mean it!  I realize it may not seem like a big deal, but when you switch one pack of your batteries from another brand with LEI batteries, you are saving the planet.  Can you imagine what a difference we could make if each family were to make this switch?  Non eco-alkaline batteries emit 0.9% of harmful heavy metals, which is 900 times more than the LEI Eco Alkaline batteries.  If 1,000,000 families switched one pack of their name brand batteries for the eco-alkaline batteries, we would save 900,000,000,000% of those yucky heavy metals!  That is impressive!  I received a variety of batteries from LEI ($56.39) and I have already put them to good use.  We switched out the batteries on the television remotes, the hand held gaming systems, flashlights and nightlights.  By switching to the LEI eco-alkaline batteries, my family has just saved the planet from 157,000% of heavy metals.  And I have disposed of my old batteries by recycling them in the proper receptacle.

One reader will win one pack of each size of battery – AA, AAA, C, D and 9V for a total of $26.45

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  1. I like your big packs of Eco Alkalines – AA – 24 Bulk Pack…..we never can have enough of this size around.

  2. I like the Freeplay Sherpa Flashlight – Yellow. My husband would take something like this on a camping trip.

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