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Eco Friendly Fashion For Women

My family has been making changes to be more eco friendly. We recycle and we use natural products for the laundry, bathroom and the kitchen. We even have furniture and storage containers that are made from recycled cardboard. The kids have been really good about going green with me and they even remind me when I forget to recycle our plastics. One area I have not gone green in would be clothes. I have been interested in wearing eco friendly fashion for a while, but could not find the right company. Aventura Clothing has a long history in the sportswear business and moved into the eco friendly fashion arena. This company is making its mark on the industry without making much of a mark on our planet.

Eco Friendly Fashion For Women

Almost 50 years ago, John G. Kirsch started a company by selling tennis shorts out of the back of the family car. He quickly began to build a reputation for his high quality garments and soon began adding to the collection. Ten years later he moved his family to Sierra Nevada and his outdoor clothing company, Sportif, took off. Sadly, the family lost John in a plane crash in 1991, but his sons took over the legacy. At the 40th anniversary of the start of the company, Sportif announced its eco friendly fashion line for women named Aventura Clothing.

I love that more than 80% of the casual clothing line use fabrics that are environmentally friendly. Not only do the clothes and accessories from Aventura Clothing look fantastic, but they feel amazing as well! I was sent the gorgeous Malia Bamboo Blend Print Maxi Dress along with the Kierra Cardigan in black. This dress is cut so woman with a fuller figure like myself do not feel compresses. I love that is flowing, comfortable and the unique twisted straps add a touch of elegance. The black cardigan fits perfectly and accents the dress perfectly. It is a wash and wear fabric that makes traveling easy and I love that. I fell absolutely beautiful in this dress, which is not a small feat. My husband gave me those “Ah-ooga” eyes when I modeled it for him, so I think that means he likes it! You can purchase the dress from the Aventura Clothing website for $85.00 and the cardigan for $69.00.

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