Eco Friendly Filtered Water Bottles

Eco Friendly Filtered Water Bottles

Until recently, I must admit I was not into Eco friendly filtered water bottles and other “green” products.  If we went to the park or a long trip, I used water bottles we had from field day at school.  About a month ago, KittyKat came home  from school with project asking families to “go green”.  Each family was asked to choose an activity that helped the environment, then the student was to report on the results of their project.   This was done at a good time because we had just gotten a post card  from the city about a free and new recycling program.  We received a free recycling receptacle we used do our part to go green.  This was the perfect for KittyKat to write about and it was nice to give back to the community.  We cut our trash consumption from one garbage bag per day to bout 3 bags of trash per week.

I found out about Eco Vessel, a Colorado based company that sells great filtration bottles and food storage containers. These innovative products are made with 100% recyclable, BPA Free and high quality materials for everyone in the family.  We had been using  plastic water bottles , but they are so expensive. By using reusable filtration bottles, we are not only saving the planet but we also save money.  Eco Vessel is passionate about supporting groups that want to provide clean drinking water around the world. When you purchase products from Eco Vessel, you help support these great organizations.

Recyclable Containers For Homes

I knew Eco Vessel made recyclable containers for homes Eco Friendly Filtered Water Bottles as well as for travel.  KittyKat had been taking her lunch to school in reusable plastic containers.  When Eco Vessel allowed me to choose items from their “green” merchandise, I chose the 13 ounce insulated steel bottles with straws (valued at $19.95) for the kids and I received the 17 ounce insulated steel bottle (valued at $22.95).  KittyKat also received the “Smush Box”, which is the coolest collapsible silicone food storage container that comes with its own spork (valued at $24.95)   Now that we have the spork, I can stop buying plastic utensils for KittyKats lunches.  The items from Eco Vessel  are not only well made and Eco friendly, but they are also spill proof.  I have had more spills in the car from poorly made bottles that leaked, so spill proof bottles like these are an asset.

Thank you to Eco Vessel for offering one lucky winner a 13 oz. stainless straw bottle, a 17 oz. stainless water bottle and one Smush Box retailing at over $67.

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