Eco Friendly Gift Ideas

The kids and I have been hard at work over the past few years making our home greener. We started with recycling and then moved to slowly changing over to greener cleaning and beauty products in the house. We have installed a shower head which cuts down on the water flow, which saves us money and is better for the environment. We replaced our washer and dryer with an energy saving model which has been a tremendous help. We have also been eating organic foods and wearing clothing made with organic materials. We wanted to give my husband a more eco friendly Father’s Day present this year, but were torn with what to get him. Here are the 5 eco friendly gift ideas we came up with and then narrowed it down from there.

4 Eco Friendly Gifts For Father's Day

4 Eco Friendly Gifts For Father’s Day

  1. Wallet: We found some really cool wallets for Dad this year made out of many unique materials. We found one made from duct tape, one from used sailcloth and one from an old rubber tire!
  2. Cuff Links: My husband does not dress up often, but when he does, he loves to wear cuff links. We found a pair made from recycled glass, a pair made from an old guitar pick and a pair made from wood.
  3. Solar Accessories: I think the latest phone chargers which use solar power are an incredibly handy as well as pretty cool gift to give. My husband is outdoors a lot, so this would be a very practical gift for him.
  4. Clothing: My husband is a pretty easy going guy and is not one you would consider fashionable. He wears shorts most of the year and a golf or polo style shirt. We found a wonderful shirt made with organic cotton from Ecoths Clothing for men and it is perfect for Chris.


It is really funny to see a man like my husband, who claims to not care about clothing, have the reaction he did to his Ronan Polo shirt from Ecōths. I chose the salmon color in the shirt, which retails for $55. It is so dang soft, I wanted to steal it from him! My husband has very sensitive skin, so to find a shirt this soft is a huge bonus. I took a chance on choosing this dusty pink/salmon color because Chris usually sticks with earth tones and I wanted to change it up a little. The color is so subtle and the cut is just perfect for him. He became an instant fan of the line the moment he slipped the shirt over his head. I was an instant fan when I was introduced to them through my ambassadorship with their sister company, Aventura Clothing. I received several pieces from Aventura and have recently reviewed one of my outfits in the review, “Five Tips For Spring Cleaning Your Closet.”

The Ecōths collection for men, which is pronounced, “Ecos”, is a blend of style, comfort and responsibility. The company is 100% natural and has placed an emphasis on creating a brand with a true heart and soul. The brand combines fashionable style with a feeling of the outdoors. As part of their GOOD SAM program, Ecōths supports regional food banks nationwide. I love the fact that for every Ecōths garment you buy, 3 meals will be provided to someone in need. How amazingly cool is that? The Ecōths mission is to bring together People, Planet, and Product. So, be the change that you want to be, be the change the world need and a planet for tomorrow is something that we live for today! One reader will win either an Ecōths shirt or short ARV $62, based on the winner’s preference, sizing, and availability.

What are you planning on giving your guy for Father’s Day?