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Eco-Friendly Monthly Kids Craft Projects From Green Kid Crafts Sweepstakes

Eco-Friendly Monthly Kids Craft Projects

While researching monthly subscription boxes, I found there were eco-friendly monthly kids craft projects available!  As a mom who home schools, this was exciting for me.  I am a pretty crafty person (not in the sneaky way..more like the creative way) but while working, going to school and planning lessons, I don’t have as much time to put together items I needed for Henry’s art lessons.  When I found you could get projects that were eco-friendly, which made it even better!!  It is cool that in essence you are teaching two lessons in one; one about the project included in the box as well as the subject of planet preservation.  The next step is to find a service that caters to the age group you need as well as stands for what you believe in as well.

Green Kid Crafts is just about the best things since sliced white bread..I mean, sliced whole grain bread (hee hee).  The 3 projects in your monthly Discovery Box are all earth friendly and cater to the 3-8 age groups.  Each item in the box is planet friendly and is kid tested and parent approved.  Also included in your Discovery Box is information on additional crafts you can do by using household products.  Green Kid Crafts was founded by Penny Bauder from Alaska, who is a mother of two and an activist for our planet.  With several awards for her responsible business practices, Penny went full speed ahead completely in 2010.  Subscriptions from Green Kid Crafts are available in monthly or 3, 6 or 12 month options as well, with a cost of $19.50 per month.  Keep your eyes out for the re-launch of the Green Kid Crafts website in the coming days, when Green Kid Crafts is offering $5 off any order with the code NEWSITE. (Valid through Labor Day).

Crafts For Fine Motor Skills

When I was making my lesson plans for home school this year, I knew I needed to work on finding crafts for fine motor skills.  With Henry’s autism, he has difficulty not in performing fine motor skills, but in exhibiting the patience needed for the skill.  When I was corresponding with Kristine from Green Kid Crafts, she was so helpful and pleasant to work with!  She got Henry’s Discovery Box to him in just a few days and we could not wait to dig in!!  I know I said the age group targeted for this product is 3-8, and Henry is 11, but his “mental” age is somewhere around 7-9, depending on what is going on.  The project we chose to do was the bug wings, which had all the materials we needed to complete the project.  I was so excited to learn a few things while Henry was putting his wings together.  We used Kool-Aid for the colors of the wings.  I would have NEVER thought to do that!  He had a blast watching the sponges expand when they hit the water and as you can see from his tongue sticking out, he was concentrating really hard!  This was such a fun project and he was so proud of himself when he was finished!  The hardest part of the craft was waiting for the “wings” to dry!!

One reader will receive a 3 month subscription (value $58.50).

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