Eco-Friendly Serving Ware For Entertaining

If you are interested in going green in your home, there are a ton of easy ways to do that. Many areas offer free recycling services or have recycling centers available throughout the city. We have a center less than a mile from our home and we have a free bi-weekly pickup service at our back door. It cannot get much easier than that, right?! We also use a lot of eco-friendly cleaning products and toiletries, so that makes a big impact when you add it all up. One way I have just begun to explore is using more eco-friendly and green products in the kitchen. I have a set of bamboo utensils we use all the time but I wanted some nice serving pieces as well. One of my favorite online locations for eco-friendly serving ware is Core Bamboo.

Eco-Friendly Serving Ware For Entertaining

A lot of the serving pieces I have are older hand me downs from my family. The few pieces I do have are either an inexpensive plastic or a heavy ceramic. When I entertain, it is often for family friendly meals, so I wanted eco-friendly serving ware for entertainment that was more casual. The Revolving Classic Adjustable Chip Dip Bowl from Core Bamboo was perfect for my needs. I love that it is lightweight but extremely well made and has removable pieces so if I want to do 2 snacks instead of 4, I can do that very easily. The bowl is nice and sturdy and I can pop it in the dishwasher to clean it. The bamboo bowl can be rinsed and dried and because it is attractive, it can be stored in the open or I can put it in a cabinet.

If you have been thinking about going green or already ado and love bamboo, Core Bamboo has a large selection of products for your home. You can choose from products like the Revolving Chip Dip Bowl I received as well utensils and holders, dish racks and other kitchen items. You can also choose from gorgeous home decor items like the colorful and elegant vases. Bamboo is 16% stronger than Maple and is 33% lighter in weight than Oak, so it makes a great material for a variety of uses and products. I love that bamboo is a 100% renewable resource  and it does not need to be re-planted, does not need extensive irrigation, pesticides or fertilizer. When bamboo is harvested, the natural root system spreads and automatically regenerates itself, which is very cool! Core Bamboo uses every part of the 70 foot stalks they harvest, which means nothing is wasted, which is great for our planet! You can purchase the Revolving Chip Dip Bowl I received for $70.00 from the Core Bamboo website as well as all of their other products.



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