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Eco-Friendly Stationery And Gift Wrap From Ruff House Art Sweepstakes


Eco-Friendly Stationery And Gift Wrap

Eco-Friendly Stationery And Gift Wrap

In my effort to go green, I have been looking for eco-friendly stationery and gift wrap.  I love the idea of stationary being made from recycled paper, so it is like an enigma wrapped in an enigma, except with paper!  I don’t know if you can relate, but I love stationary and gift wrap that is made from recycled paper.  It has a different feel to it; almost like newspaper.  Do you know what I mean?  I am a big stationary freak and love to find out of the ordinary patterns, prints and colors.  I also love, love, love gift wrap.  I put almost as much care into wrapping a present as I did deciding on it and purchasing it!! When I come across wrapping paper that is designed by an artist, it makes the gift giving process that much more meaningful.

LabelRuff House Art is my new favorite go to store for all things paper.  In 2009, designer Jill Morrison and web developer and photographer, Brian Shephard made the decision to create works of art on paper via a letterpress.  Ruff House Art is located in Lawrence, Kansas and you can find the Ruff House Art in West Elm and Nordstrom and they have been featured in magazines like Better Homes and Garden and BRIDES magazine.  The story of Ruff House Art is almost like the Little Engine That Could.  Jill had a vision of owning her own business and after creating a successful wedding line, Jill brought Brian into the fold.  From there, the unique and funky art that has become almost a trademark for the company, the Ruff House Art line of paper goods has begun to gain momentum and is well on its way to great success.

Ruff House ArtRuff House Art creates their products in their studio on their in-house letterpress machines.  All of the products made by Ruff House Art are done so locally, so everything about the company is all in this great country of ours!  If you aren’t familiar with the letterpress technique, I wanted to give you a bit of a lesson.  I think once you understand how it works, you will understand why Ruff House Art is so special and their products are simply extraordinary.  Everything printed on a letterpress is printed one color at a time, regardless of the number of colors.  The process takes an enormous amount of attention to detail, as one small misstep can ruin an entire lot.  After each color, the letterpress must be taken apart, cleaned thoroughly and put back together before the next color can be applied. This process is repeated for every color on your gift wrap, wedding invitation or paper coaster.  Now that you know this, I encourage you to visit Ruff House Art and admire how much effort went into each and every item you see on their website.
Unique Gift Wrapping Paper

Unique Gift Wrapping Paper

When wrapping a gift, I try to find and use unique gift wrapping paper.  If you think about it, the wrapping paper on a gift means a number of things.  It conveys your personality, the secret beneath the paper and is all around just plain fun to look at.  I want people to have a smile on their face from the gift wrap before they have even opened the box!  When I spoke to Jill Morrison, the creative genius behind Ruff House Art, and we decided that I would review the line of gift wrap from Ruff House Art.  Each roll of gift wrap is $7.00 for two sheets on a roll.  For 6 flat sheets, the cost is $19.50.  The gift wrap I received were: Vintage Retro Owl, Mustache, Tandem Bicycle, Snowflake Holiday, Collage Birthday and Children’s Alphabet. I don’t think I told Jill, but my oldest daughter and I have a running joke about mustaches.  Whenever I can find something with a mustache on it, I must have it for Chelsea.  When I saw the mustache gift wrap, I burst out laughing.  Remember when I said the paper was like an enigma wrapped in an enigma?  Well, I am going to gift wrap her note book with the mustaches on the front in the moustache wrapping paper from Ruff House Art!!  This paper is such a high quality product that it is really hard to describe.  You know how thin and flimsy most wrapping paper is?  Not the Ruff House Art paper.  This is a nice heavy duty paper that is not going to tear on you like most do.  I am also very impressed with the extensive line of paper goods Jill and Brian have to offer and how affordable they are.  I just cannot fathom how someone can create something so painstakingly beautiful and the sell it at a price most folks can afford.  If you are looking for a unique place for invitations, gift wrap or other paper goods, I encourage you to head over to Ruff House Art and check them out!

One reader will win 6 rolls of gift wrap from Ruff House Art (ARV $42.00)

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  1. Ruff House Art also has unique and beautiful wedding invitations. They will also design custom invitations for weddings, showers, parties, etc. and any kind of accessory you can think of. You dream it they will design it! Check them out at ruffhouseart.com

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