As the colder weather approaches so do the chapped lips. I really hate having chapped lips. I was so excited when Eco Lips agreed to do a review with me. I was sent the several of their great products for review: Eco Lips Gold with Eco Clip, Eco Tints 3 pack, and Honest Kids Tropical Tango Punch.

The first day I received these products, I was in a rush, I attached the Eco Lips Gold onto husband’s key chain, threw the eco tints assorted 3-pack in my purse and grab the Honest Kids Tropical Tango Punch and out the door I went to take my daughter to preschool. I first put on the Plush Red Eco Tint to give my lips a little more color and moisture. I looked in the mirror and liked what I saw. I even had a nice cool sensation after applying. I then passed by the Honest Kids Tropical Tango Punch back to my daughter Ava. Ava LOVED it! She thinks it lip stick. I love giving her a USDA certified organic product as well a lip balm that has vitamin E. After I dropped Ava off at preschool I had tasks to complete while I only had one child instead of two. Through-out the morning, I moisturized my lips while adding a hint of color. I absolutely LOVE my new products!! The colors were beautiful and modest! Half way through my day, I received a phone call from my husband. He called to tell me thanks for the great new chap stick! A+ for this wife! My husband is always on the go and always losing his lip moisturizer. Having one attacked to his keys is the perfect idea!


About the Products

Eco Tints are made with certified organic ingredients and gluten free. The Eco Tint three pack comes with the Rose Quartz, Plush Red, and Mocha Velvet. They all have a vanilla flavor and are sold for $10.99. These can be purchased individually for $4.49: Eco Tint Moonstone, Rose Quartz, Plush Red, Coralytz, Sugar Plum, and Mocha Velvet.

Honest Kids comes in three great flavors for kids, goodness grapeness, tropical tango punch, and Berry Berry Good Lemonade. All three of these products are 100% edible and USDA certified organic. I don’t know about you, but I think that is the perfect product for my sweet little girls who love to smoother their lips in “lip stick”. Each Honest Kids by Eco Lips is sold for $3.49

Eco Lips Gold is a unflavored lip moisturizer. It is also USDA certified organic and naturally high in vitamin E. Eco Lips gold is sold for $3.49. You can also get it with the Eco Lips Eco Clip, perfect to have one always handy.


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