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EcoFriendly Cleaning Products From Full Circle Home Sweepstakes

EcoFriendly Cleaning Products

Do you know about or used ecofriendly cleaning products?  Since I have been reviewing products for the best blog in the universe, I have learned so much.  I feel so good that I have learned so much about going green and making our planet a little better.  It is great to know you can make a big difference by doing little things. One of the ways I am contributing to helping the environment is using green products in my home.  I have already switched to a better laundry detergent and recycle to cut down on the wrong things going to sit in the garbage dump for a million years.  I have wanted to begin using green cleaning products in the home for a while now but wasn’t sure what to use.  I am happy to say I have found a great company that provides just about everything you need to go green inside your home.

Full Circle is an eco-conscious company who offers not only eco-friendly products but good looking products as well!  What I really admire about Full Circle is their persistence in striving to have better working conditions, cleaner manufacturing standards and higher environmental standards, which are rubbing off on their suppliers!  They are constantly making sure the waste materials from their factories are recycled, the materials they use come from areas close by to cut down on transportation and Full Circle regularly audits their factories to be sure the conditions, health and safety issues and compensation for the employees are adhered to with the highest of practices.   I learned something interested when I was reading the information on the company that is on their home page.  Did you know that after your scrub brush isn’t doing its job and you throw it away that it adds to the total of 120 million (yes million) cleaning brushes lying in our land-fills?  To compound how harmful this can be to our planet is that these 120 million brushes will sit for 1,000 years before they begin to break down?  Can you see how simple it would be if you just changed to using a scrub brush that is made from biodegradable materials?  Yes, it is really that simple!

Biodegradable Cleaning Supplies

I was so excited to have the opportunity to review a variety of biodegradable cleaning supplies from Full Circle Home.  I received the Come Clean Set ($24.99), which includes one spray bottle, one built-in juicer, and one microfiber cleaning cloth as well as two in the Buff Towels ($4.99 each), which are made from 70% bamboo and 30% organic cotton and three Flip Loofah sponges ($5.99 each).  With the set comes a booklet with recipes for home-made cleaners, which is why you get the juicer because citrus fruits, especially lemons, are natural cleaners!  My husband did look at me funny when I asked him to get me a bag of lemons to clean the house with!  The confused look on his face was priceless!  I love everything I received from Full Circle Home and there are so many more products they offer.  I think my favorite is the towels because they are so soft and absorbent and the waffle weave look is pretty stylish!  My husband loves the sponges that have natural loofah on one side and a soft cellulose sponge on the other.  He said the loofah side is great for helping with his dry skin. All in all, Full Circle has everything I need to keep my home clean and green!

One reader will win a cleaning kit like the kit in the review (retail $52.94)

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