Recently, my oldest Billy has graduated from high school. We just went through the search of colleges and universities trying to find one that would match his major (for now) and our budget. Included in this search, we looked at Online Schools as well as traditional schools. I had gone to both and had good and bad experiences with each one. I had attended courses that were part of online degree programs in health care administration. This worked out really well for me and my family as I was able to go to school at home and then provide an income while working from home. My AA I received from Edison College really does not hold much weight these days and I needed to further my education.

I enjoyed my college day experiences and would love for my son to experience the same so we settled on a local university. After filling out the Free Application For Federal Student Aid which can be found at, we found a University to be quite affordable.

In this day and age, there are so many opportunities to become an educated individual. While there is the debate between online versus traditional schooling, I think the most important factor is to JUST GET EDUCATED!

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