Educational Insights

Age-appropriate games for toddlers

My son Jakobi is 3.5, and he has just started getting into games. Unfortunately, the only ones we had were over his head. I tried to be inventive and made matching games out of chess and we played stack the checkers like Jenga. Soon, however, he tired of the basic games and wanted to know what the Life, Monopoly, and Taboo were. We played bank and real-estate agent, but it just is not the same. I wanted to find some games for Jakobi that we could play together that would be both interesting for me and educational for him.  As a bonus, it would also be nice if Mason, his 19 month old brother, could play as well.

The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game

This game is the one pictured on the top. The squirrels want to eat, and they need your help to get the acorns. Each person gets a log to hold their acorns and you take turns spinning to see what color and how many you get. Then you pick up the acorn with a Squirrel squeezer to place it in the same colored spot in your log. The first one to fill their log first wins, but their is a catch! You can lose a turn with sad squirrel or steal an acorn from your neighbor if you spin sneaky squirrel. There is obvious learning of dexterity in the squeezing of the acorns and placing them in your log; but what really stood out to me was how it teaches your child to “lose” a turn gracefully. Anyone with a three-year-old knows that losing or not getting their way is not an easy thing for them to handle. After a few rounds with sneaky squirrel and showing him it was okay and fun to let the other person win, I saw a little light go on with the realization of fun trumping winning! This was handy when we brought Mason into the game. Jakobi was very gentle and showed him how to use the squeezers and told him it was okay to lose a turn because he could get sneaky next. It really warmed my heart. This game is one of my all time favorites.


All kids love to express their creativity, and all moms dread the mess. Playdough has always been one of my favorite child playtime activities that I could engage in with as much enthusiasm as my child; however, I have always dreaded the mess. I even went so far as to kick the kids outside when we play with dough as to keep the mess a little more contained (or out in the open lol) The beauty with Playfoam® is that you can shape it just like playdough into all kinds of shapes. It can bend, form, squish, stack and mold into all kinds of creative creatures and vessels. Playfoam with its’ variety of colors stretches the imagination to no end! It is moldable playtime with limited mess. It never dries out so you do not have to worry that the money you spent will go down the drain from a cracked lid. IT is also a no-stick, even though it seems sticky, formula that leaves no residue on clothes, furniture or hands.

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