Elmo’s World: Favorite Things Kids DVD

My kids love Elmo and have really enjoyed the new Elmo’s World: Favorite Things Kids DVD.  I try to expose my children to different shows and different kinds of television so they aren’t watching the same thing over and over.  I also try to incorporate educational programs into their daily television watching.  My four year old son has always loved Elmo and has watched it frequently growing up.  My one year old daughter Reagan has now developed a love for Elmo and always has a smile on my face when she sees him.  It makes me so happy to bring joy into their lives!

Children’s Elmo Videos

There are many children’s Elmo Videos on the market but the Elmo’s World Favorite Things is my favorite.  The Elmo’s World Favorite Things was created by Sesame Workshop, the educational organization that created Sesame Street, and distributed by Warner Home Video.  This new two-hour DVD is being released to the public on February 7, 2012 and I’m so excited that I was able to review a pre-release copy!  The Elmo’s World Favorite Things DVD features eight popular segments from Elmo’s World.  The segments include School, Birthdays, Friends, Pets, Games, Beach and Dinosaurs.  The DVD also includes the premiere of Elmo’s World Building Things.  The video showcases some of my children’s favorite characters such as Elmo, Mr Noodle and Dorothy, Elmo’s pet fish!

Elmo’s World Videos

What I love most about the Elmo’s World Videos is that they are educational as well as fun!  In the DVD, your child can learn counting, matching, similarities and differences, friendship, conflict resolution and self-confidence.  These video are engaging and hold the attention of both my four year old and my one year old.  My daughter squeals and giggles everytime she hears Elmo’s voice and my son loves Mr Noodle!  You can purchase this DVD for $14.98 (which will be released on February 7, 2012).  This is the perfect DVD to add to our collection!

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