Waterproof Changing Pad

The changing pad I have been using for my second child has seen its finer day!  I have been looking for an attractive waterproof one for sometime.  It was fate when I happened upon Emma Roo Designs Etsy Shop and saw their beautiful waterproof changing pads.  I know what your thinking, this lady must be crazy to think a changing pad is beautiful…but when you change diapers for a living it makes a difference (its the little things in life, right?)!!!  Emma Roo Designs was so kind to send me a waterproof changing pad.  Its a beautiful pink, white and green floral pattern on one side and a pink diamond pattern and on the other side.  The side you lay the baby on is super soft and comfy and the other side is what makes it waterproof but its not plasticy or crinkly at all…it doesn’t make any noise to open and close.  It folds very nicely and snaps shut with 2 snaps and fits perfectly in my diaper bag (which is where it will remain until my diapering days are over)!

Of course, the true test wouldn’t be complete unless we tried out the waterproof feature, as if on cue the first day I had it my little one peed while I was removing her diaper…luckliy it really is waterproof because otherwise the carpet in my car would reek of pee!  With that said, I threw it in the washing machine when I got home and layed it flat to dry, it came out fantastic!  Once it was dry it went back into the diaper bag!  I have had several friends comment on my new mommy gear and they liked it as well.  You can purchase a waterproof changing pad for $25 plus shipping.
Emma Roo Designs also sells a great variety of bibs, changing pads purses and bags.  They also sent me a BandWidth to review, which is a wasitband expander.  This is fantastic because it allows you to continue to wear your pants during pregnancy, post pregnancy or even after a surgery.  You leave your pants unbuttoned and attach the elastic band to your 2 front belt loops, it covers the unbuttoned area and helps keep your pants up.  I wish I would have had this during my last pregnancy, but I have been able to use it with my favorite jeans that just don’t button anymore…YAY for me!!! You can purchase the BandWidth on their website. Check them out on Facebook as well.

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