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This post is sponsored by Levi’s Kids. When kids are young, they don’t have any preconceived notions of what’s acceptable and what’s taboo in the world of style. I have seen many a kid proudly rocking an outfit that has a hodgepodge of styles just thrown together. To be able to operate in your daily life without concerns of labels or judgment from your peers is a beautiful concept that few understand. My son constantly wears his pants backwards and mismatched, and has no concern for the weather. Those who do are often referred to as rebels or different. Aiding and encouraging our children’s self-expression is the first step in moving toward a freethinking society. I love how my kids are always nosing into the unknown, fostering their creativity. Letting your kids express themselves with their way of dress helps to encourage our tomorrow today.

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Ways to let your kids express themselves

  • Art: Getting our kids involved in arts and crafts at an early age is beneficial to the growth of both parent and child, and it will foster creative outlets for their energy. It also creates some quality bonding time, which is harder and harder to come by these days.
  • Music and Dance: Given the vast variety of music and dance styles available these days, there is sure to be one your child loves. Kids who study music have been proven to do better in math than those who don’t. Dance is great form of self-expression, and is always a good outlet for energetic kids. Not to mention they both require learning self-discipline.
  • Explore: Letting your kids explore the world allows them to figure out stuff for themselves: how things work, what they like, and basic problem-solving skills. By exploring, they can be exposed to new ways to get dirty, have fun, and broaden their interests.
  • Personal Style: The easiest way for our kids to express themselves is through their personal style. I’m a big fan of individuality and letting my kids create their own look, within reason. Levi’s Kids encourages the individuality and self-expression of the rebels who don’t want to be part of the pack. If they want to wear a jean jacket with shorts in 90-degree Florida weather ’cause they feel cool, let them (as long as you monitor heatstroke). If they want to let their shirt hang open so they look like the older kids, let them—even if it is over their pajama top!

Levi’s Kids knows that when it comes time for back-to-school clothes shopping, moms are looking for two things: affordability and durability. Tough enough to last through the dirt of boys. All the kids want is to be free to choose their own look; why not give everybody what they want? Levi’s Kids has a wide offering of styles that really let your kids express themselves while at the same time giving the parent peace of mind on the durability of the clothes and the financial impact of the back-to-school shopping spree. For those of you, like myself, who would gladly give up an arm or leg to avoid the mall, the entire Levi’s Kids Collection is available online. Let Levi’s Kids help your kids show off their creative style.

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Levi’s is for kids who know they were born bold and aren’t afraid to show it. Give your kids classic American style and effortless cool when they head back to school. The Levi’s Kids Collection is available at #LevisKids

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