Encouraging Your Children To Brush Their Teeth

Encouraging Your Children To Brush Their Teeth

I am guessing most parents have had trouble encouraging your children to brush their teeth.  I have battled this issue 4EVER.  In part, I am to blame for this problem and some of the blame goes to things out of my control.  When I was in nursing school and working full time, there were nights I was so exhausted I fell asleep before the kids did.  When you are 8 and 11, brushing your teeth is not a priority.  The other issue is Henry’s autism.  A large portion of Henry’s idiosyncrasies are sensory related.  He would cry every time I tried to brush his teeth and I had no idea what to do.  Because this was before his diagnosis, I was mystified as to what was going on.  I really thought he was just throwing a tantrum to avoid all things hygiene related.  I kid you not that I had nights I would lay him on the floor and I would crouch over him and brush his teeth while he wiggled all over the place.

Me4kidz is a family operated business that was started because a boy was stung by a bee!  When their child was stung by a bee, a clever mom and dad realized there was a need for a first aid kit that would cover the minor injuries kids will get.  From that came the Medibag, a concise collection of all the products a family would need for life’s little boo boos.  The kit comes in an adorable doctor’s bag and its contents include: band aids, knee and elbow bandages, disposable tweezers, a cold pack and a ton of other essential items.  At the affordable price of $16.95, you cannot find a kit this complete for under $25-$35 at the local retail store.  And..let me mention you can request FREE refills for several items in your Medibag.!!  WOW!!  At Me4kidz you can also find a smaller version of the Medibag, a nail starter kit for girls, anti-bacterial wipes and more.

Antibacterial Wipes For Kids

I always try to be prepared when I am on the go which includes packing antibacterial wipes for kids.  I had researched different antibacterial wipes and I was surprised that the contents vary greatly on how effective the wipes are.  With kids, you need more than just a wipe for sticky hands.  If you are at the park and your son trips and skins his knee, I want an effective wipe that will clean his wound.  When I heard about Me4kids, I knew this family had a great concept that was greatly needed.  I was offered the Smile Buddy ($5.95) and the Little Buddy ($3.95) antibacterial wipes.  I was really impressed with all the items in the Smile Buddy teeth brushing kit.  You get a cute brush that is soft, a timer (which is AWESOME), flossers, stickers, and toothpaste and they come in a handy case.  The combination of the cute brush and the timer are really the perfect tools.  Caitlin helped to encourage Henry use his new Smile Buddy kit and he was so proud of himself and he came running in the family room with a huge grin!  This is priceless to my family and I am thankful for this review.

One reader will receive one Smile Buddy ($5.95) and a pack of the Little Buddy wipes ($3.95)


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