enemies of the heartEnemies of the Heart explores the four emotions that control you: guilt, anger, greed, and jealousy. Andy discusses how these emotions can translate over into undesirable life events such as estrangements from loved ones, family members and friends; divorce; loss of employment; un-repairable relationships with friends and the difficult consequences one can face when dealing with these four very powerful and consuming human emotions. Andy expresses throughout his book that if these powerful emotions are left unchecked you can lose all that is dear to you while you are consumed, sometimes against your will, by these very emotions.

Enemies of the Heart can be used as a study guide in small focus groups of your peers or would be a great resource for a topic of a Wednesday night church group. In this book, Andy gives you suggestions and methods to identify and conquer guilt, anger, greed, and jealousy using methods that are bible based. You can purchase this book on Amazon for 10.19