This is a sponsored post from Turning Leaf and from Mom It Forward and I was given compensation or product for this post but all opinions are 100% my own. Enjoy Drinking Chilled Wine On A Warm Autumn Day Wine is one of the most popular adult beverages on the market today. With the high cost of drinking out, many people prefer to stay in and enjoy their favorite wine at home. This sophisticated beverage is perfect to pair with a favorite meal, a get together with friends or a large function. Many people also like to cook with certain wines as it adds a rich and flavorful profile to many dishes. If you were to choose between which was more popular, white or red, red would be the winner. Its fruity and warm taste, which is richer than a white wine, has people drinking more if it than its pale counterpart. Also, keep in mind that a nice bottle of wine makes the perfect gift for a dinner party invitation, house warming or any other occasion. One hugely popular and quite affordable and delicious wines are those from the Turning Leaf Refresh line. These wines are a bit different from traditional wines as they have fizzy bubbles! If you love the taste of wine but like the bubbliness of beer, the Turning Leaf Refresh wines are a great alternative for you.

Drinking Chilled Wine

The wines from Turning Leaf  are some of the most popular and award winning wines in the country. The bold flavors, subtle profiles and the care in which the wines are made are changing what people expect from a wine.  The people at Turning Leaf choose their top notch grapes by hand from some of California’s top wine growing regions. The result of this approach has resulted in some of the most tongue tantalizing and inviting wines you can find. The Turning Leaf collection has 8 wines, including a refreshingly light Chardonnay, a delicate Sauvignon Blanc and a robust Merlot. The Refresh line of wines by Turning Leaf comes in four flavorful and light flavors; Crisp White, Red Moscato, Moscato and Pink Moscato. You can enjoy drinking chilled wine from the Refresh flavors on a warm autumn day.

Many people have found that by adding a few cubes of ice and therefore adding to the chilled experience of the Turning Leaf Refresh wine, makes for a delightful drink. The Refresh wines are less filing than beer, but you still get the fizz you may enjoy from a bubbly beer. They are also lighter and have less calories than a cocktail, which appeals to the health conscience folks in the group. If you are a Sangria drinker, you could take the Red Moscato and add slices of orange, lime, lemon and apples and take it to your next tailgating party, BBQ or a girl’s night out.  My sister, Jamie, blogs at and I would love to refresh it forward to her, so soon you will be able to read what she things about Turning Leaf refresh. Even though she likes beer, I do not. It is nice to have a drink we both enjoy and can share when tailgating for sports events!To stay up to date with the latest from Turning Leaf Refresh, be sure to like them on Facebook.

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  1. I love having family cookouts! We get the extended family together, let the kids play, and open up a bottle or two of wine for the adults. So relaxing:)

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