Logitech Remote

There was a time that if someone wanted to change the channel on their TV, they actually had to get up, walk across the room and physically do so themselves. What a wonderful day for couch potatoes everywhere when the remote was invented! And the couch potatoes who lost their precious remote cried tears of joy when the universal remote came to town. There were TV junkies everywhere who most likely grinned like a silly goof for hours after using their new “high tech” all in one remote! Fast forward to today (using whichever remote you choose) and we have more electronic devices than we can keep up with! A recent study showed the average American household contained 24 gadgets that included, but was not limited to:  2 desktop computers, 3 laptops, 2 video cameras, a digital camera, 2 cell phones, a digital scanner, 3 TVs, 3 DVRs, and 2 tablets and 8 remote controls to control many of these devices. Whew! Thank goodness Logitech, the consumer electronic brand trusted worldwide has the Harmony Touch remote to control the bulk of these.

Enjoy The Convenience Of A One Touch Remote

Although my household does not have quite as many gadgets as the average home, we have a lot. Keeping up with the remotes is a constant struggle, especially when you add 2 small kids, a husband and 1 pets to mix things up. I love the idea that the Harmony Touch from Logitech enables me to enjoy the convenience of a one touch remote. The Harmony Touch was designed to help consumers personalize their remote to find their entertainment favorites quickly and easily. You can organize up to 50 channel icons from your cable TV or satellite provider as well as your games and music, all with just one touch. The 2.4″ screen makes it easy to swipe and scroll through your customized icons chosen from the exhaustive list on the My Harmony website or you can create your own icons!

The remote itself is shaped to fit easily into the palm of your hand and the sleek design blends in with virtually every decor. The buttons are back lit so that you can even use the Harmony Touch in the dark. You can save yourself money on batteries because the Harmony Touch is rechargeable and comes with its own charging station. You can also connect the Harmony to your PR or Mac by finding your device and syncing it to the Harmony. You have no worries if your device will be compatible with the Harmony Touch as it is programmed to work with up to 15 devices with more than 225,000 home entertainment devices and 5,000 brands. With the Harmony, you will never need to go hunting for a remote and hope it is the one you needed for that particular device. Logitech has again made your life easier. You can purchase the Harmony Touch online from Logitech for $249.00.