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When you are visiting Phoenix, there are so many breathtakingly beautiful things to see. The area is rich with culture, interesting shops and the grand mountains and mysterious desert. I have enjoyed seeing the gorgeous scenery of Phoenix from the hotel and restaurants I have visited. I really wanted to see the amazing landscape more closely and with the Fort McDowell Adventures, you can do just that. With the horseback tours you can enjoy the terrain of Phoenix from a completely different perspective. With seasoned guides making the trip interesting and fun, this is a fun tour the whole family can enjoy.

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The horseback riding tours with Fort McDowell Adventures is one of the best ways to see the scenery in beautiful Phoenix. Your guide will take you through rocky riverbeds and the desert sand where you will see a variety of flora and fauna. There are a large number of varieties of cacti that you will enjoy seeing the different blooms, shapes and shades of green. An interesting fact about the cactus is that the locals will use it in a variety of dishes including jam and dishes using the cactus paddle, called the “nopale”. Our group took the 1.5 hour tour that goes through the Verde River.

Arizona Horse

Our guide made the trip fun and interesting with tips and stories about the surroundings. Among the local wildlife, you may see cattle, wild horses or even a rare and majestic bald eagle. Although we did not see any on our ride, some of the more wild animals and reptiles you could see are wolves, bob cats, or rattlesnakes.

Among the more tame, you may see rabbits, lizards, and prairie dogs. The guides are very friendly and are more than happy to answer any questions you may have. They narrate the ride and will point out points of interest along the way. The tour is perfect for the less experienced rider and is perfect for any age group. If you want to see Phoenix from a totally different view, the horseback ride tours from Fort McDowell Adventures is a great choice.

Fort McDowell Adventures is available for horseback riding Monday – Saturday, sunrise to sunset.
For reservations, call 480-816-6465. The Summer hours vary, so call for availability.


  1. OH I would love to go horseback riding! I used to do it all the time before I got married. I grew up in Wyoming. Lots of options for Horseback riding. It was my favorite past time! Now I’m not sure where we could do it here. I need to hunt a place out. I miss it desperately.

  2. What an adventure! I love horseback riding, especially when we go to new places on vacation. We have never been to Phoenix, but it sure looks fun.

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