I love to eat Yogurt. It is the perfect quick and healthy snack or breakfast. I am a mom on the go. It is sometimes hard for me to make time to eat healthy snacks. I believe it’s important to eat snacks throughout the day. It keeps my metabolism active and replenishes my energy level. Yogurt is a great choose for a healthy snack. EnLiven yogurt is a tasty and healthy yogurt that is made with probiotics. Probiotics are important for a couple of reasons; It promote healthy digestion and a healthy immune system. 70% of our immune system lives in the digestive tract, so it is important to keep our digestive tract healthy in order to keep the rest of our body healthy. Having two kids, does not leave me any time to be sick so I keep up with my daily doses of probiotics by eating EnLiven yogurt.

EnLiven yogurt was kind enough to have me review their yogurt. My children and I have tried all four flavors of EnLiven: blueberry, strawberry, peach, and vanilla. We love them all! I have even noticed a change in my body since I started adding probiotics to my diet. I feel better and look better! EnLiven yogurt has no artificial flavors or colorings. It is 99 percent fat free and only 100-110 calories in one container. EnLiven is sold at Walmart Supercenters and Walmart Neighborhood Markets in the yogurt section of the dairy aisle.

Want to try a different approach to eating EnLiven yogurt? They offer a Raspberry-Peach Smoothie recipe on their website. I decided to give it a try. My girls LOVE smoothies. The recipe called for 2 vanilla EnLiven yogurts, 1 slice peach, 1/2 cup of raspberries, and ice. It was fabulous!! I totally recommend trying it out!

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