When you’re someone who loves to bet on CS: GO, then you must be excited for ESL Pro League Season 9. As the name shows, this event is run by ESL, being the ninth such tournament of the series. In this, five continents will send teams to participate, which will try their best to make it to the finals and get a chance at the prize pool of $2,000,000. It’s the longest running pro CS: GO tournament, which is one reason why it’s so exciting.

The event is currently unfolding, as it has started on April 12, and will end on June 23. Therefore, you have a chance to take a look at the teams on https://csgobettingz.com/teams/ and choose who to bet on.

What Is the Format?

The format can be a little confusing when you look at the big picture, especially when you see how many teams America and Europe have had.

Basically, the event has decided that sixteen teams will be participating from America, with teams from both Latin and North America. 9 of these teams have to be the top ones from the last season, including the two teams from the relegation phase and the one that won North America’s Premier Division’s 29th season. Four other teams had to be from Latin America.

Concurrently, Europe had to send sixteen teams too, based on the placement for the previous season as well. Just like the format for America, two of the teams also have to be from the relegation phase, while one has to be the winner of Europe’s Premier Division, season 29.

Oceania had to send 8 teams, just like Asia. Asia’s league was spread between Southeast Asian teams, and teams from Greater China, having 4 teams from each.

For the group stage which will take place from June 18th to June 20th, there will be a two double-elimination format. The 3rd place teams and stage runners-up will go to the Quarterfinals, while the stage winners will go to the semifinals.

The playoffs will take place between June 21st and June 23rd, with a single-elimination bracket.

How Much Are the Teams Going to Win?

The prize pool for the finals is of $750,000 USD, and they will be spread among the teams, based on placement. With that said, the big winner will take home $250,000, the team on the 2nd place will take $110,000, while the 3rd and 4th teams will take $55,000 each.

Are you excited for the finals? Then make sure to research the teams and bet on CS: GO matches when they take place.