When it comes to online bingo, there are a huge range of gaming options to choose from, and each with their own chat rooms and communities in full swing. If you’re a newbie to the online bingo scene, congratulations: you’ve entered an exciting time in your life where you’re about to discover all the fun that bingo online has to offer – visit cozino now!

We understand that although it’s exciting, it doesn’t mean your bingo games journey isn’t daunting. Fortunately, luck is on your side – we’ve rounded up the best bingo lingo phrases around, and included the most-used (in many cases, perhaps over-used!) bingo lingo we could think of.

1TG 2TG and 3TG

You’re probably looking at this heading thinking it’s not about bingo games but hieroglyphics instead… but no – this is in fact bingo lingo! Arguably, 1TG is among the most mentioned word in bingo lingo out there. In online bingo chat rooms, players will use this when they’re waiting on one number to win. Hence the one.

You’ll hear this word in any online bingo chat room on a number of occasions, and once you get going you’ll realise how exciting this word is in bingo lingo. It means someone is literally waiting on one more number to win the online bingo game! It could even be you! The “TG” means To Go – you can guess what 2TG and 3TG mean.


When you’re in an online bingo chat room, you’ll often see players message GL – but what does it mean? Good Luck of course! It’s just a nice bit of camaraderie in the chat box, and it’s always nice to give and receive a bit of that when you’re playing online bingo.


With bingo lingo, this phrase is probably the most commonly used of the lot in the online bingo chat rooms – it means See Ya Soon. Players will use this abbreviation when they’re heading out of the online bingo chat room, hence the common usage of it. It’s polite to let your online bingo host and fellow gamers know you’re going offline.


We are well aware that you likely, almost definitely, know what this word means. But, we’re talking about bingo lingo here, and as such context with OMG is everything. It means, of course, Oh My God! Basically, in online bingo chat rooms when someone says this, you know someone has won.


In bingo lingo, WTG means Way To Go! Players will usually pop this into an online bingo chat when a fellow online bingo lover has won free bingo games within the chat room. It’s also used in other contexts within the chat room, for example when someone announces they have won bingo online.

Bingo lingo can seem confusing, but now you’ve got the basics down nobody will ever know you’re entering an online bingo chat room as a bingo beginner. Use the above abbreviations, keep on practising and you’ll be a winning pro in no time!