With so many innovations in personal hygiene on the market, many people are trying to customize their cleaning routine. People need products that are effective yet gentle and every bathroom routine needs to include a few certain products. In order to get the confident clean in the bathroom, normally you would have to stay at home. Those days are long gone and you can now be fancy free! While each person has different needs when it comes to their own level of freshness, which components need to be included in your routine at away or at home, you will achieve the desired level!

Let’s start with the basics! We all use toilet paper..right?! Although toilet paper is such a universal necessity, the importance of it’s quality is still questioned.  No one wants reminders of high school and the low-grade paper.  Even the teachers these days are known to take their own toilet paper to work. Intimate areas are ever sensitive  and  everyone has their favorite. However,  you rarely have that option when you’re are away from home. What matters to you when you buy toilet paper? Do you consider both quality and comfort?  You can even purchase toilet paper with added lotion to offer a gentle touch and are great for newborns and children, not to mention the elderly with the tissue paper skin.


Have your tried a cleansing foam? Wait…whaat? Never even heard of it right? There are times when we need alternatives to wipes and other options to make us feel clean. Often we just need to feel a little fresher. tp+™ is a cleansing foam that is applied to toilet paper before use. All you need is one or two pumps. At home or on the go tp+™ provides a confident clean as is gentle enough to use on intimate areas. From the makers of Quilted Northern® this cleansing foam contains aloe and is an effective and gentle formula.  It comes in a conveniently sized 1.5 oz bottle and with up to 100 pumps, the confident clean of  tp+™  can go anywhere.  You can get that fresh showered feeling while at home, when camping, at a concert, and even at the beach among the seagulls. Don’t worry, if you are septic-friendly and worry about clogging your pipes, tp+™ is flushable and septic safe for standard septic systems. tp+™ allows you to enjoy the same gentle clean wherever you go and is available on Amazon.

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