Did you know that Geek Squad covers up to three devices even if they were not purchased at Best Buy. It covers lap tops and desk tops that are Mac or PC and even tablets. You can find out more about what Geek Squad can do for you at One- year membership will cover up to three computing and tablet devices – no matter where they were purchased. It includes Internet Security Software, computer tune-ups, software, hardware and operating system installations and troubleshooting help; Plus, you can get on-demand access to an expansive library of “how-to” online videos so that you learn how to get more out of your devices.


I have been so stressed out lately because I have not been able to get online since I moved my desk. I got this grand idea that moving to the other side of the room would be more Feng Shui. Well all of a sudden I could not get internet service. My husband was hard wired in, and for the life of me I could not figure out why I could not. I moved two feet, so I knew it could not be my location. I was convinced I got some kind of virus on my computer and began to go through the process of backing up all my files and running a virus scan. I just knew I would have to wipe my computer clean.

I knew I could take my computer in to Best Buy and the Geek Squad could do all of this for me which would save me a ton of time, but I did not feel like driving into town. So I figured I would just call them up. I love how you can tailor the service to your needs and your comfort level. I could have even of chatted them up on the computer if it wasn’t going so dang slow.

So here is the point of my story – Even Geeks Can Use Geek Squad cause I am a pretty smart gal and consider myself somewhat computer savvy, but you know how you can’t see the forest for the trees sometimes? Good thing my Best Buy Geek Squad agent wasn’t as stressed out as me, and they suggested a Wireless- N WiFi repeater to bend my signal around the refrigerator that was directly in my path! Two days later after a trip to Best Buy to purchase said N repeater, I am up and running with no loss of computer time!

I have the Geek Squad service for a year, and I have this computer that broke on my husband which is loaded with two year’s worth of photos. He got a virus, and I don’t want to mess with it…Oh Geek Squad!! I neeeeeed you! Stay tuned for next month!

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