EvgieNev etsy shop sent me Charming Little Daisy – growth chart Wall Decals to review. This is quite the wall decal shop. The owners, Evgie and Ev have taken their love and expertise in digital illustration and interior decoration and created this shop of beautiful vinyl wall decals. Each decal has style and adds the perfect touch to each room. EvgieNev has something for everyone, adults and children, and even capabilities for customized decals.

The Charming LIttle Daisy, growth chart decal sent to me I thought was be perfect in the girls play room. My play room is in desperate need of a makeover and I though this would be a nice touch. This growth chart is in the shape of a daisy with long steam. Numbers along side of the chart are optional but mine came with numbers to help me keep track of the growth of my children. The sweet daisy growth chart can be made to personalize any room by being able to choose the colors of the daisy. I choose the standard black with yellow center. I have the girls art framed in black in the play room so I thought black with be best choice color for us. Ava and Paige loved standing tall while I measure them. Ava, my 3yr old, tells her baby sister how tall she is every time she looks at it.

EvgieNev is perfect if you are in the market to creating a nursery. They have so many nursery themed wall decals that are themed to match many of the popular bedding trends rights now. They have several different styles of trees’s to fit the nature themed rooms as well as monkey in the tree for girls, boys, or gender neutral,  tree with monkeys and giraffe,  birds, jungle animals, animals in the woods,and much more. Not ready to decorate a kids rooms, don’t worry EvgieNev has great vinyl wall decals for adults to.

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