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Exciting Games For Kids That Are Lots Of Fun

The weather this summer has been so weird because it has fluctuated so much. We had some pretty mild days that were pleasant enough to spend the whole day outside. We have also had some days that were so hot no one wanted to go outside to play. On days like those when we are all in the house together, the kids need to keep active. I am fine with them playing video games or watching TV or videos as long as they get some movement as well. They will play with their Nerf darts, mini bowling game and Xbox Kinect, but they are getting bored with those. When I was looking for exciting games for kids that are lots of fun, I turn to Hasbro; the toy experts. I know when I look to Hasbro for games and toys I am getting products that my kids will love and I know will last. While I was in Chicago for BlogHer13, I attended the Hasbro party at the Hard Rock Cafe, where I met The Chasin’ Cheeky Monkey. Chasin’ Cheeky is a new game from Hasbro that will turn your family game night into an evening of laughter and fun.

Exciting Games For Kids That Are Lots Of Fun

We are a family who really enjoys hanging out together and sometimes this can be tricky to do. With school in session, Caitlin has her orchestra practice and social clubs which take place after school is out. I tend to work a lot in the evening, my husband works every weekend and sometimes we have to extract Henry from his Xbox games. When I notice we are in need of a family game night, I will try to find new and exciting games for kids that are lots of fun for the whole family. The new Chasin’ Cheeky game from Hasbro is a hilarious and interactive game the whole family can jump in and have a blast playing.

Chasin’ Cheeky is a little purple cutie pie of a monkey who zooms around the room trying to dodge your efforts to chase him. In this ring toss game, his tail is your goal for the sturdy plastic rings to land at which point you will earn a point. The person who is able to get the most rings on Cheeky’s tail at the end of the game and grab his banana from his mouth wins. Once this happens, Cheeky will shake his little behind in a victory dance the kids cannot help but participate in. The Chasin’ Cheeky game is for kids ages 3 and up, but I will tell you, my kids are 13 and 15 and they had a blast playing with him. You can purchase Chasin’ Cheeky for $24.99 from your favorite retailer that sells Hasbro toys.

One USA reader will win one Chasin’ Cheeky game ($24.99)


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