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Exercise Clothing For Women

Prior to children I exercised consistently every week, at least 3 – 4 times a week.  Then I had my first child and I struggled with making time for exercise.  With working full-time, I did not want to leave her again to go to the gym for an hour. Then I had the twins, and although I was no longer working outside of the house I not only did not belong to a gym with childcare, but I still struggled with being able to add one more thing to my plate. This past year a gym, with childcare opened close to our house.  I feel like the kids are finally at a great age to not flip out if I leave them with a childcare worker.

Marika Activewear for Women

What I have noticed now with being back at consistently exercising is that I don’t have appropriate active wear! This past school year, when the twins were in preschool, there is an exercise class I took and then went right to pick the kids up from school.  It was quite obvious, and a little embarrassing, where I was coming from when I arrived at the school.  The class was really intense and so were the sweat spots! What I need is active wear by Marika, it offers an exclusive breathable, super soft, high tech wicking fabric and finish (Dry-Wik®) for the ultimate in cool dry comfort. I was able to try the Venus Crew Neck Dry Wik Tee.

The Marika Brand has been around for over 25 years and has achieved huge growth, because of how functional, fashionable, and affordable their active wear is for the active consumer.  It is a huge benefit to be able to be able to exercise and then run out the door to pick up my children from preschool and not look like I just ran 10 miles in 100-degree temperature.  Not only does the Dry-Wik maintain comfort during my workout, it looks great when I am on the go.

Marika is offering a special discount to the readers of Makobi Scribe, only good through the end of September 2012, a 20% discount off all Marika Tek clothing and all their other products.  Use Promo Code: TEK20 to take advantage of this special.


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