Exercise Your Dog

This is a Fashionista Events opportunity. I will receive a swag bag of goodies from writing this post. If you have a dog, you understand the whole “Man’s best friend” statement, right? A dog is more than a pet. They are a companion, a friend, a mood lifter and all around great pal to have. There are so many ways you can spend time with your dog that both of you can enjoy. You can snuggle up and watch a movie, give them a soapy bath or get them outside to play. All dogs need exercise to stay healthy and they can get bored with the same old walk around the block. If this sounds like your dog, here are a few ways to get them out and moving around:

Four Ideas To Get Your Dog To Exercise

Four Ideas To Get Your Dog To Exercise

  1. Dog Parks: Dogs, like people, are relationship oriented, which means they like to play with other dogs. There are free dog parks all over the country, so take your dog to one near you and make some furry friends.
  2. Swimming: If you have any water available, take your pup for a swim. They love to get wet and swimming is great exercise for you and your pup, especially for the older dog with joint problems.
  3. Teach A Trick: Just like humans, dogs need their brain muscle exercised as well as their bodies. Teach your dog a new trick like rolling over, playing dead or begging.
  4. Go Fetch: All dogs love to play fetch with sticks, bones, balls and a Frisbee. With the new Purina Beggin’ Party Poppers, you have a new and fun way to exercise your dog.

beggin popper

There is nothing more fun for a dog owner than to see their furry baby having a good time. With the new Beggin’ Party Poppers from Purina, you can give your pup a yummy treat and get them to exercise all at the same time! With the innovative poppin’ lid, you can catapult your treat and watch your dog jump in the air after it. All you do is push down on the lid, which is a piggy’s nose and set the treat on top. Then you just pop the treat into the air and watch your dog leap after it! Watch how much fun this clever new product is:

You can find the Purina Beggin’ Party Poppers wherever pet food and supplies are sold. Be sure to visit Purina on Facebook and Twitter to stay current with their latest deals and products.

How do you find fun ways to exercise your dog?