girlThe fact is there aren’t enough ways to be beautiful. A fractal’s a mathematical construct that literally extends beyond infinity, and continues to become intricate the deeper you go. Beauty in this universe is very similar. It is endless, and there’s no upper limit. Things don’t just stop getting beautiful; they get more beautiful, and can continue in that beauty until life ends. Do you think a grandmother is less beautiful because of her age? Her age is a crown of glory, and if she approaches her change in station that way, rather than trying to preserve her youth, the beauty of who she is and what she represents will still bring people to their knees! Hair care is integral to beauty; and one way to keep your hair such that it transcends the visual is to continuously practice that which maintains its beauty. Here are some exotic tips to enhance your hair.

Columbian Avocado Conditioner

It’s no mystery that many foodstuffs are used in beauty solutions. Here’s a recipe that’s been passed down for generations through Colombian grandmothers to their families. It sounds delicious, if cooked correctly, but that’s not the purpose. What you do is combine two egg whites with about half an avocado that’s been mashed up enough when mixed with the egg-whites you’ve got a sort of shampoo paste. You slather it through your hair; let it sit for about fifteen minutes, then wash and condition. Check out this website for fifty more strangely interesting tips.


Hair Extensions

There are a variety of styles going around these days. Women are fond of shaving one half of their head and pleating the rest of their hair in tight little braids. Some are fond of a short cut and a variety of colors complimenting swooping hair arrangements. But there’s just something about long, luscious hair that’s hard to deny. So if you’ve cut your hair recently, but feel it’s time to get that long-look again, you can make the transition process easy with hair extensions. They come in a broad variety of lengths and colors, but by far the best extensions available are made from actual human hair. These will look the best, feel the best, and last the longest. A leading purveyor of human hair extensions is International Hair Company. They have a variety of long, luscious arrangements. Just look how beautiful and natural their Clip-In products are.

Cocoa Butter for Shine

In Brazil there’s a shine-enhancing mixture that only requires application once weekly. Again, this is a foodstuff beauty solution, but it’s one of those ones you can be sure to enjoy, as it involves a form of chocolate! What you do is apply a treatment mask of cocoa-butter and let it sit half an hour. Then rinse it out with coconut water. Do it on a weekly basis and see how shiny your hair becomes!

Argentina and Aloe Vera

Here’s the first South American beauty solution that doesn’t directly involve something that doubles as a foodstuff! But part of the reason for that is in this region of the world, long hair is commonly associated with exceptional beauty, with extreme sensuality, and all the glamorous trappings that come pre-packaged with those things. If you’ve ever felt aloe vera, you know its cooling properties are bar-none. Applying some directly to your scalp or adding it to the daily shampoo regimen you start your morning with is an excellent way to keep long strands of hair in good shape, so that beautiful sensual glamour may be maintained.