Facts About Dr. Marten's

I am an 80’s kid and I sure do miss a lot of those times! I know some of you may disagree, but I loved the clothes we wore back in the day. My best friend was totally into the whole Madonna look with lots of lace, chunky jewelry and big hair. My other friend was working in an office and wore a lot of long skirts, patterned hose and long shirts bloused over a big belt. For me, I was more into the grunge look with lots of flannel, torn jeans and my trusty Dr. Marten’s shoes and boots. One of my favorite looks was a baby doll dress with long white socks and my Dr. Marten’s boots. Oh my goodness I was hot! I was never without my uber popular Dr. Marten’s with their trademark industrial look, thick soles, yellow stitching and leather upper. If you are a fan of this iconic footwear, here are some cool things you did not know about the brand:

5 Interesting Facts About Dr. Marten's pin

5 Interesting Facts About Dr. Marten’s

  1. They Are German Invented: The shoes were created by Klaus Mäertens in 1945, who was a doctor . He who was hurt while skiing and his military boots were too uncomfortable so he invented the Dr. Marten’s.
  2. The Style Name: The first pair of Dr. Marten’s boots came off the production line on April 1, 1960. The style is called 1460 after the European style of marking the date: day, month, year.
  3. Target Audience: They went public in 1960 and were intended for firefighters and police but were almost immediately adopted by the skinhead, punk and grunge crowds. They started in Britain but soon went international.
  4. Thank Pete Townshend: The Who guitarist started wearing Dr. Marten’s in 1966 because he wanted to don a more utility look than the long flowing clothing the band had been wearing. Pete said he tired of getting tangled in the long robes while he played.
  5. Fame Follows Fashion: Another of the fun facts about Dr. Marten’s, is some known and possibly unknown characters over the past 50 or so years have worn them. If you were a fan of the British show “The Young Ones” they dedicated an entire song to the footwear. The cartoon characters Daria and Jane wore them and Pope John Paul II had a pair custom made for himself.


One of the things I love most about Dr. Marten’s is they will last you forever. I kept my boots and shoes for more than 20 years before I gained weight, went up a shoe size and they did not fit anymore. I may be 20 years older, but I still love the classic look of the famous brand of shoes. Over the years a large number of styles have been added to the Dr. Marten’s line of footwear. There are several colors, patterns, and styles available for men, women and even kids. When you are a cool mom like me, you hope to have a cool kid, which I do. Caitlin is turning 16 soon and for her birthday, she asked for her first pair of Dr. Marten’s. The first place I thought to look was Planet Shoes because they are one of my favorite places to buy shoes. I first fell in love with the styles and selection from Planet Shoes in my review, “Fashionable Shoes For Women That Are Comfortable.”

I was so excited when I found they had a huge selection of Dr. Marten’s shoes at Planet Shoes. I immediately fell in love with the Dr. Marten’s Triumph, which is a feminine take on the original boot. I love the floral interior of this women’s lace up boot; it is like getting two pairs for the price of one! It has the rich leather upper you expect from Dr. Marten’s as well as the air-cushioning insole which gives Caitlin underfoot comfort. The boot has the classic sewn and heat sealed construction which means they will last you forever! You can wear the boots laced up to the top or folded down to let the floral inside shoe through. This look is really cute with one of Caitlin’s skater dresses. You can purchase the Dr. Marten’s Triumph from Planet shoes for $160. Planet Shoes has an extensive selection of shoes, boot, sandals, flats and other footwear for the entire family.

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Have you ever owned a pair of Dr. Marten’s and if so, which style?