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My life was put into a tailspin when my son, Aidan, was born. He came into this world 2 months early, at a mere 3lb, 14oz and 16″ long. My little baby was truly a little baby. At the time we had no idea what the outcome of his prematurity would be. I was faced with a decision that would change the course of my life, and ultimately his. Do I become the victim of his circumstances, or do I become a stronger and better person because of them? I decided at that point in time that no matter what, he was my son. I would always be his advocate, his biggest fan and the proudest mommy.
Mary feeding Aidan
In the past three years we have gone to more doctors appointments than I can keep track of. We encountered an entire year of varying specialists and therapists, each appointment more stressful than the next. But that never mattered. No matter what any of the doctors said, my son was perfect. And perfect he is. It has been a long road, but my son has ultimately encouraged me to perpetuate the personal good that positively affects all of my family and friends. I have become the backbone of my friends and family with plenty of strength and compassion for everyone.

Take a moment to watch the sweet video below,My All-Star Daughter. This video is the story of parents’ passion and dedication toward their daughter.  It encompasses that life may not always give you what you expect, but a parent will always go all out to help their child be successful in life, no matter what.

The Keep Good Going Life Lesson campaign has applied to my life in ways I never thought of. While discussing this lesson with my husband, he made a very good point. He told me the strength that I have developed over the past three years shows positively in everything that our son does, says and learns. He explained that our son would not be the person that he is today without my drive and passion for his success. Looking back, it all makes sense. I have never once treated Aidan like he was different or more fragile than other kids his age. He has developed at an advanced rate for a child born preterm, always ahead of whatever milestones he should be reaching. The only tool he has ever needed in his three years of life has been love, and I will continue to provide that tool forever. Learn more about how New York Life can help you and your family Keep Good Going
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